Fixing Your Own Roof Before Winter

Fixing Your Own Roof Before Winter

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No one wants to have a leaky or unstable roof, and as we venture into the colder months it becomes even more important for us to be able to protect our homes and make sure they are secure for the winter. Here are some of the steps you will need to take in the next few weeks to fix your roof and make sure it is protected for the winter.

Check for Damage

The first thing you will need to do with your roof is take a look both outside and inside in order to see if there is any damage which needs to be fixed. For example if you have any missing tiles or gaps in the roof this could also lead to damp getting into the house which can be a huge problem for the structural integrity of the home. Make sure to be thorough with your checks and take your time to to make sure you don’t miss anything important.

Check for Wear and Tear

Over time you will inevitably have some wear and tear on the roof due to the weather, birds climbing on your roof, and the age of the tiles and other materials. Take a look and check for cracked tiles, missing shingles and curled up ones which could be changing the structure of the roof and having an effect on the quality. If you are noticing a lot of gaps and a more widespread damage, you might not be able to complete the job yourself and you can call a regular roofer or a metal roofing company to come and replace it for you.

Straighten Shingles

If you have had your shingles for a long time, they might begin to curl up slightly and become a little bit wonky on the roof. If is important that the shingles stay in the right position to protect your home from the weather and make sure there is a barrier there to stop pest ever getting into your attic. Press the shingle down with one hand and then use some roof cement to press down the whole thing and keep it from moving.

Repair Cracks

When you are looking at the roof you might notice that some of the tiles have a fairly clean crack along them which should be easily fixable without replacing the whole tile. All you will need in order to do this effectively is some sealant and a steady hand to close up the crack and prevent water or ice being able to build up and cause more damage during the winter.

Replace Missing Shingles

If you have missing or badly broken shingles there is no way that you can simply seal the space and have done with it, so in this instance you will need to completely replace the shingles on the roof. Make sure to buy good quality shingles, and when you are putting them in place you will want to make sure they are hooked underneath the shingle above to stop it from letting water into the home.


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