4 Ways to Clean Up Your Home Before You Sell It

4 Ways to Clean Up Your Home Before You Sell It

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So, you’re selling your home, and whether you’ve lived in it for 12 months or 12 years, it’s a big deal. There are a few things that you may want to make sure of, in order to maximize the money you get out of the sale, and to make sure that the house is at its best for the next person who moves in. Because when you love a house, spending a little time on it can make you feel like you’re repaying it for all of the good times you had there. 

1) Declutter

People are going to want to come and view your house and see the space for what it really is. If you can make the rooms in your house look at their biggest, potential buyers will be blown away by the space, and will start to picture what they can do with it. If you have rooms full of junk, they’ll be less likely to see the potential. Remember: they may love your ornaments, but they didn’t come to your house to see them.

2) Clean the outside of your house

The bricks of your house, and the paving stones leading up to it, have probably seen a lot of years since they were first lovingly put into place. And that’s fine, they still do the purpose that they’re supposed to. But if you can get someone to give them a quick clean, from a company like the one you can find here, then it will give your home exterior a brand new look, and add a bit of extra value.

3) Invest

If you can invest some money into modern carpets and light paint, then you could find that you get back more money than you gave in the first place. Even if you can get kitchen fittings and other things secondhand, potential buyers will be persuaded by what the house looks like in a modern light. These small things that you can do will really help you to reap the benefits, and they’re worth every penny.

4) Get rid of bathroom mold

You may not think that it causes any harm, but it doesn’t look great for potential buyers to see mold in your shower, and they may believe that you have a damp problem. You can buy a whole range of products to get rid of it, and your bathroom will look brand new afterwards, which will have people fighting over buying your lovely modern home. It won’t take you long, but will be worth the effort.

So there we have it, four ways to make your home look at its best before you sell it. If you try some of these quick tips, you’ll have queues of people desperate to buy your home (well, we think so…). Put a little bit of love into your home, and you’ll see the benefits. Happy selling, and we hope that you can find the new house of your dreams!


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