3 Ways to a Cleaner Home When You Have Kids

3 Ways to a Cleaner Home When You Have Kids

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Having a home full of kids or even just one kid means that you’re going to have your hands full in terms of cleaning and tidying. There may be toys laying around, dishes building up, and a surprising amount of laundry that’s just waiting to be attended to – not to mention the bathroom and its ability to get messy within just a few days.

While we could all need an extra cleaning hack or two, parents of young children tend to need them more than any. Here is a handful of ways to keep your house just a bit cleaner even if you have children running around and making your work a bit more difficult.

That way, you can put your feet up at least and look forward to a bit less cleaning in the future.

#1 The bathroom: Use a cleaning basket

As the one room of the house that constantly seems to need a bit more attention, the bathroom can actually be much easier to clean as long as you do it little by little.

Wave goodbye to those long hauls of cleaning the bathroom, washing off the sink area, scrubbing out the shower, and cleaning the toilet all at once – from now on, you just give it a quick clean a bit more often.

That way, you won’t have to put up with washing the whole room in one go and the mess won’t really have time to build up properly either. Just start by dedicating a little basket to keep your most important cleaning stuff and keep it somewhere handy such as underneath the sink or to keep your magazines on top of.

When you notice that the sink area needs to be cleaned, you simply wipe over it quickly and tell your kids to give the bathtub a wash after they’ve been using it.

#2 Get furniture that is easy to clean

One of the best ways to ensure that you spend a bit less time on cleaning and a bit more time on just relaxing and enjoying life is to get the kind of furniture and fabrics that are easy to clean.

A leather couch, for example, is going to suffer much less if your toddler places his or her jam sandwich face down into the couch – and you won’t really be bothered by all that vacuuming as long as you avoid any carpets.

If you still want to keep carpets despite their ability to gather dust, on the other hand, you can always make it a bit easier for yourself by making use of natural cleaning services. They will be able to keep your carpet and the rest of your house in mint condition to treat yourself to this once in a while when you need a break.

#3 Make the kids help

Finally, there is no better way to enjoy a cleaner house than making the ones who made the mess, in the first place, help out with cleaning it. Most children will be able to help out with something, by the way, so take their age into account and adjust the chores accordingly.

Now you should be able to enjoy yourself a bit more while watching your kids load the dishwasher and feed the pets. It’s building character for them, after all, and you can have another cup of tea while waiting.



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