Kitchen Ideas for the Spring

Kitchen Ideas for the Spring

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The kitchen is not only the stomach but also the heart of the home. It is a place we all come to at the end of the day to enjoy a well cooked meal, and it is somewhere we spend time with our family and catch up with friends. With the kitchen being such a big part of the home, it only seems right for us to make some design choices to the space to liven it up this spring. And today we will take a look at just a few of the fun ways you can add features to the room this month.

Show off your mugs

Mugs are one of those items in the house which we seem to accumulate over time and we gather them as gifts, housewarming presents and we buy them for ourselves. You likely have a lot of fun and colorful mugs in your kitchen and these are ideal for you to make a feature out of. If you have a blank wall space consider hanging a shelf or some hooks and show off all of your fun mugs. It will be something which is super fun for you to do and you can really make an impact on the atmosphere of the kitchen with the color.

Display your spices

Spices usually come in small jars or bottles and many of us will simply store these in the cupboard without a second thought. However spices can actually be a living little addition to your kitchen design, and buying a spice rack to display yours in can bring some fun to the home this year. You’ll be able to enjoy a clean and tidy arrangement of spices on hand at any time, plus you’ll see some vibrant reds and oranges and yellows to add vibrancy to the worktop.

Create a herb garden

There are many things which you can add to a kitchen to make it feel more homely and alive, but nothing is better than creating a living herb garden with your favorite flavors to use during your cooking at the weekends. For example you could hang your herbs in a pot on the wall, you could get a herb garden kit online, or create a trough in the middle of your kitchen island and have your plants in here. There are so many ways to bring plants into the kitchen and it will not only look great, but it will improve the flavors of your food too!

Hang your pans

If you’re happy and you know it hang your pans! What’s the fun in buying yourself an expensive set of steel or copper pans if you are simply going to hide them away in the cupboard every day? If you have the space in the room this is the ideal chance for you to make a feature out of your pans and hang them on the wall or from the ceiling. You’ll have quick access when you are cooking and you’ll also be able to enjoy the color it brings to the space.

New doorknobs

If you are happy with the general design of your kitchen but you are looking for a few ways to make it fresh and feel new, one of the methods you can use to do this is to buy new handles for your cupboards. There are so many options online and if you want to really bring things into the 21st century you can choose a copper or rose gold set which will add a little burst of color and luxury to the room.

Mix and match cupboards

One of the other things you can do if your kitchen is looking a little boring for your liking this year is mix and match the colors of your kitchen cabinets. Rather than all of the cabinets being the same color all over the room, we can instead have a bit of fun with color by choosing 2-3 different ones for the room. For example a fun combination for a family home could be white, red and yellow; and a good option for a modern and contemporary home could be wooden, marble and indigo blue. Have fun choosing your colors and this will make a massive impact on the room as a whole.

A bright backsplash

One of the features which you can add into the home this year which will be useful as well as colorful is an acrylic backsplash. If you don’t already have a backsplash in your home you need to get one as soon as you can, and it will help to protect your walls against pesky tomato stains and more. You can choose a bright and zany color for your backsplash and it will make a huge difference to the room overall.

Open up the windows

One of the biggest things which can impact the way our kitchen looks and feels is the windows and how much light is getting into the room. One of the things you can do to make sure that the windows are letting in lots of light is to clean them inside and out, and also consider removing any large items you have on the windowsill which could be blocking the sunlight. It’s a small job to do but one which will make a big difference to the room overall.

Add some final touches

Although there are of course a lot of big jobs you can complete in the kitchen to upgrade it for the spring, there are also some smaller things you can do which will have a positive impact on the space. The first thing you can consider doing to the kitchen this spring is add a fruit bowl to your table. It is a small thing to do but it will add lots of fun and color to the room, as well as encouraging you to eat healthier snacks each and every day. You can also consider bringing a bunch of fresh flowers into the home at the end of the day to add some color and freshness to the space.


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