How to Prepare for Selling Your Home

How to Prepare for Selling Your Home

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Selling your house is definitely an exciting time, but it can also be quite stressful with all the things you need to plan for and take care of – especially if you’ve never done it before. So, to hopefully make the process a bit easier on you, in this post we’re going to share with you some of our top tips on how to prepare for selling your house.

Pick a good estate agent:

The very first step when it comes to selling your house is to ensure that you have a good estate agent who will be there to make the process as easy as possible and help you with any questions you have or any issues that arise throughout. Although there’s no foolproof system for finding an estate agent who does a good job and who you can trust, a good way to go about it is by asking for recommendations from friends and family who have sold or bought through a specific agent and then contacting them.  Another option is by doing a search online in your local area, for example, for an agent like Doug Hopkins and see what you can come up with in terms of reviews.

Carry out repairs:

Once you’re starting to prepare the house to get ready to sell and conduct viewings, then it’s going to be a good idea to start carrying out things like repairs that have been getting put off and that really need done. This will also give a much better impression with the new potential owners, so it’s a good idea also from an investment point of view.  Whether it’s repairing floors, fixing a leaky pipe, or even fixing the roof, it’s a good idea to get these things done before you even start conducting viewings.

Have your paperwork ready:

Selling a house is a big task that involves a lot of paperwork, so making sure you have everything ready on this front is very important and will make your life so much easier – especially if you’re looking for a faster sale or need things done in a certain way. You can speak to your bank and estate agent as well as your lawyer about the kinds of paperwork you need in order to get everything organized, but it’s definitely a good idea to do this as early as possible so that everything can run smoothly and you’re not rushing around trying to gather things that you don’t have.

Make sure everything is well presented:

If you want to sell your house, then you want to entice potential buyers and they’re not going to be interested in buying from you if your house is a mess, the garden looks like a jungle and it looks like nothing has been taken care of since you moved in, so making sure that the place and the surrounding areas are clean, tidy, and free from clutter is definitely a good idea – and in some cases could even help you raise the value of the place a little before you sell it, which is never a bad thing.


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