How to Take the Stress Out of Moving

How to Take the Stress Out of Moving

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There are some things that sound good during the idea stage, but quickly turn out to be a mistake. Jam packing as much as you can into a week-long trip is one of them. Inviting as many people as possible to a party at your home is another. And then there’s the whole matter of moving house. It sounds good when you’re visualizing the good times; and then you get into the process of moving, and the stress hits you like a rock. They say that moving can be as stressful as a divorce, yikes!

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Below, we take a look at a few tips for taking the stress out of moving to a new property.

Take Your Time

Every task is stressful if you’re not giving it an adequate amount of time to be completed. Everything! When it comes to moving, it’s important that you’re taking things slow. You’ll want to give yourself enough time to pack up all your belongings, prepare for the move, get the paperwork completed, and so on. It’s not hard to see how there would be a big difference between trying to do all of this in six months rather than six weeks.

Work With Experts

How many times have you moved home before? Once? Twice? Whatever the number, it’s likely to fall into the “not many” category. This is another reason why it’s so stressful: we don’t know what we’re doing! But there are people who do know how to get things done smoothly. They’re the professionals. Work with trusted, experienced real estate agents to take care of all the essential paperwork, and hire a company like Green Van Lines – Moving & Storage to transport your goods from A to B. You’ll still have some work to do, but at least you’ll be able to rest knowing that the most challenging aspects of moving have been taken care of.

Prepare Well

How prepared you are for moving will influence how stressful it is. Let’s keep in mind that people’s feelings of stress rise greatly when they’re hungry and sleepy. And this is something that’s entirely within your control! In the days running up to the move, make sure you’re getting enough shuteye, and also prepare some meals that you can eat during the move, so you’re always well-fed.

Children and Work

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could hit the pause button on the rest of your life’s duties when you were moving? Well, you can, to a degree. Things get complicated when you’re trying to move while also juggling work and the kids. Take a few jobs off your job for a couple of days before and after the move, not just on the day: you’ll appreciate having that little extra time. For the kids, it’s best to drop them off with their grandparents or with a friend, at least for the most manic stages of the move. They’ll only get in the way otherwise.


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