7 Tips for Storing a Mattress

7 Tips for Storing a Mattress

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Mattresses are not cheap: which makes them an investment. Remember the time it took you to find a good mattress and the costs you had to incur while at it? Well, you may not want to part with your week’s paycheck like you did last time and spent hours off work trying to find a good mattress. It is for this reason that you will be compelled to seeing to it that the mattress gives you at least ten years of service. Well, that may not be possible if you don’t take good care of your dear mattress. If a mattress is not in use, you will have to store it. Failure to do so may lead to a damage beyond repair situation. Yes! It could be that severe. For tips on how best to store your mattress, visit mattressgenius.com

  Clean the mattress

If you intend to store your mattress, it is best that you first clean it so that you find it ready for use the day you will need it.  There are many options on how you can wash your mattress. The most effective and straightforward way is vacuum cleaning it. You can get a little extra and use an upholstery cleaner. While cleaning the mattress, start by removing the mattress from the bed frame and remove all the beddings. The next thing you will be required to do is spread some baking soda and let it sit for a while so that it may absorb any odors that may be present. Vacuum the baking soda and air the mattress for a couple of hours.

  Wrap it in plastic

Once you are done with step 1, the mattress should now be ready for storage. You will be required to wrap the mattress in plastic and maybe use tape to provide a tight seal. A breathable plastic cover would be ideal as a thick cover is more likely to trap moisture which will eventually spoil the mattress. If you have some extra coins on you, you can buy a mattress bag as it is more suitable.

  Use a covered moving track while moving the mattress

If you are moving places: which may at times be inevitable, it is vital that you sufficiently cover your mattress with sheets to protect it from dust and any other form of damage. Most people are fond of the idea of tying the mattress on top of the car which does more harm than good. One is that it is unsafe to fasten the mattress on top of your car in the first place, and two, the chances of your mattress being bent to the point of no return are incredibly high. What happens if it rains while you are on the move? The mattress will get damaged.

  While storing make the mattress lie flat

Well, there seems to be some sort of confusion when it comes to how your mattress should be lying during storage. Some people will advocate for it standing on its side but will fail to mention that it is only appropriate to do so if you are traveling. Letting your mattress be in that position for long is not right. Proper storage entails making the mattress lie flat in a natural position that will have no implications on the coils and inner workings.

  Do not store anything on the top of the mattress

Note that heavy items and unnecessary pressure will spoil the springs of the mattress. More so, some of the objects may cause wear to the exterior of the mattress. Instead, you should position the mattress on top of other items present in your storeroom. 

  Find the ideal place to store your mattress

You might fail to notice that temperature and moisture fluctuations may have adverse effects on your mattress. What does this tell you? Basements are the worst places to keep your mattress. As much as it may cost you to get a climate controlled storage space, it will save your mattress. You cannot compare how much it will cost you to replace the mattress and the amount of money you will be required to spend on regulating the temperature of the room. You have plenty of options like getting a dehumidifier. 

  Clean your mattress on retrieving it from storage

It takes you back to step one. Remember that you had to vacuum clean and air out your mattress before storing it. You do not want your mattress to smell stuffy once you remove it for the storage. Make a point of cleaning it and airing it out before you put into use.

 Applying the mentioned tips in storing your mattress will go a long way in ensuring its longevity for years.


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