How to Enjoy the Cooking Process

How to Enjoy the Cooking Process

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If modern life is one thing, it’s convenient. Without barely lifting a finger, you’re able to be fed and refreshed — and that’s something that hasn’t been the case for the vast majority of human history. But this convenience does come at a cost. You might be able to eat fast, but you have to give up elements of goodness, such as healthiness and taste, in the process. Though it takes more time, it is worthwhile learning the art of cooking. You’ll be able to eat much better, and learn a new skill in the process. 

However, if you’ve never eaten before, then you might not quite enjoy the thought of stepping into the kitchen and cooking a meal. Thankfully, there are a few steps that’ll lead you towards enjoying the process. We take a look at some of them below. 

Upgrade Your Kitchen

It’s understandable that you’d prefer to eat at that Chinese takeout spot if your kitchen was looking a little, well, worse for wear. There’s a big difference between a kitchen that has old, dated infrastructure, and one that has the best in modern kitchen appliances and worktops. If it has been some time since you last updated the decor of your kitchen, then have a think about making some changes. You’ll be more inclined to spend an hour or two in the kitchen if you’ve spent time, energy and money making it look just right and modern. 

Inviting Spaces

It’s not just the decor that’ll make you more inclined to spend time in your kitchen. That’s just the starting point. From there, you’ll want to take steps to make the space more inviting, more cozy. This will help throughout the year, but especially during the chilly months, when you’ll be tempted to grab something fast on your way home. If you’ve taken steps to get the lighting and all-around ambiance just right, then it’ll be a part of your house that you want to spend time in. Like all rooms, a little bit of atmosphere can help a lot!

New Tools

Some people just fill their kitchen drawers with any old tools, but there’s a lot of value in investing in slightly higher quality versions. Take knives, for example. They’re not all the same! Having a high-quality set really will make a big difference. Instead of hacking away at your meats and vegetables, you’ll be able to cut them efficiently and correctly. As well as knives, you can also look at things like blenders, slow cookers, and a set of good pots and pans. They’ll open up the possibilities when it comes to the types of foods you can cook. 

Clean Spaces and Dishes

There’s nothing that’ll make you less inclined to spend an hour cooking up a meal than dirt and grime in your kitchen. If you’re not actively managing it, then the slow build-up will eventually undermine the overall quality of your kitchen. Now, everyone knows that they need to generally wipe down surfaces after they’ve finished cooking, but we mean more making sure you do those deep cleans, involving wiping down and cleaning those hard to reach surfaces. As well as the infrastructure of the kitchen, make sure you’re keeping your tools and dishes in tip-top condition, too; Lemi Shine can help on this front. It takes a little bit of effort to keep your kitchen spotless, but it’ll be worth it when you walk into what feels like a brand new cooking space.

Easy to Make Recipes

One of the reasons why people don’t cook isn’t because they think it’s an inherently unenjoyable experience; it’s that they’re kind of intimidated by the action. They think they can’t do it, or incorrectly believe that it’s much more complicated than it really is. To get going with your cooking career, it’s worthwhile looking up those easy to make recipes — the ones that only involve a few ingredients, not much time, and so on. They’re a good way to ease yourself into the cooking lifestyle, get you used to being in the kitchen, and using the tools — plus, they can taste great. You’ll be able to move on up to more advanced meals in time!

Fresh Ingredients

Some people kind of already enjoy the cooking process, but have issues with another aspect — they don’t enjoy the finished product. They think that the time they spent making the meal wasn’t really worth the final taste. While you won’t always be able to get it right, you’ll be increasing your chances of success significantly by using the best ingredients. There’s a big difference between the taste of locally produced, fresh vegetables than ones that have traveled halfway across the country. Just try it once; we’re sure that you’ll be able to taste the difference. 

Adding the Fun

If you’re standing in a kitchen, resenting the fact that you’re cooking, then yeah, you’re not going to enjoy it all that much. But if you change things up, and make things more fun, then it’ll be a different experience altogether. Don’t suffer through the cooking process — if you’re going to do it, then do it properly. You’ll be surprised at just how much of a difference putting on some classic cooking tunes and opening up a bottle of wine can do. The vast majority of life is about attitude. You can change the experience of anything just approaching it from another mindset. If you decide to make it fun, then it’ll be fun. 

Your Own Way

Eventually, you’ll figure out that cooking isn’t just about eating healthily and saving money (though it is also those things); it’s a creative act, in which you get to play the leading role. Over time, you’ll find how to mix different ingredients, spices, and all-around put your own spin on the meals that you cook. Who knows, it might just transpire that you’re something of a culinary prodigy (or, at least, that you have your own style). Enjoy the process of working that out. 


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