3 Key Benefits of Solar Powered Gates

3 Key Benefits of Solar Powered Gates

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Perhaps your property or business uses fence gates? These can be beneficial for both security and purely aesthetic reasons. Automatic gates are handy because you don’t need to leave your vehicle to operate them. Having said this, automatic gates can come with expensive power-source requirements. Manual gates are fine, but you just need to keep getting in and out of your car! For the best gate solution, many businesses and homeowners are now looking to solar powered gates. 

How do solar powered gates work? 

Photovoltaic cells are used as semiconductors to convert sunlight into energy. When sunlight reaches the cell’s; electrons come loose from the atoms. The electrons then create electricity when they enter the cells. In most cases, a solar kit and battery pack will be attached to the gate post. The battery will be charged during daylight hours and also function at night. Climates with plenty of sun are perfect for solar panel gate solutions. The technology is advanced enough to operate in colder climates too. Perhaps, you’re considering a solar powered gate yourself? Such gates arrive with some great benefits. 


Using a solar powered gate means you’ll be opting for an environmentally friendly solution. Relying upon automatic gates means using traditional electricity which has adverse effects upon the earth. With environmental concerns becoming more pressing by the day, you’ll unlikely need to be asked twice to go greener! As well as this, electrically powered gates could mean that you end up stuck if the power goes down! With a solar powered gate, you could use a storage battery (to avoid getting locked out or in)! 

Cheaper option 

With a solar powered gate, you’ll experience a cheaper option as opposed to an electrical automatic. An automatic gate will contribute to increasing your utility bills. Solar powered gates are powered by the sun (which was free last time we checked)! With a solar powered gate, you’ll have a gate that’s both convenient and cost-practical too. Whether your a business or a homeowner, it’s likely that you’ll be pleased to save some cash

Fewer location limits 

Some people will have gates that are far away from their business premises or properties. In these cases, it can be more challenging to ensure that a power source can reach the fence gate. If you choose solar powered gates, location won’t be an issue. So long as you are placing the gate in an area which gets some sun! Solar-powered gates can be an excellent option for larger properties and long driveways. 

No matter which kind of gate you have, whether sliding, security, driveways or swing gates, a solar powered solution is a great option. As the years ago by, solar power continues to prove itself as a reliable and progressive technology. With a gate like this, you’ll be saving money, removing limitations and helping the environment. Whether your property is commercial, residential or rural, you’ll find what you are looking for with a solar powered gate. 


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