How Has Cooking Changed in the Modern World?

How Has Cooking Changed in the Modern World?

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The advancement of technology has affected everything in our daily lives, even the foods we eat have not escaped. There’s no doubt that the way we eat and think about food has massively changed in recent years, but you might not have seen the link between this and technology. Here are some of the ways what we eat have been influenced by technology and the internet. 

Online trends and global movements

In a day and age where communication is instant, trends can cause movements that are able to sweep the entire world. From animal rights and environmental activists putting out information that change people’s minds about eating meat and animal products, to trends from bubble tea to superfood smoothies- information gets around. Often what we see celebrities and other influencers do has a trickle down effect, as well as what we see from our peers across social media. 

Access to interesting and exotic ingredients from across the globe

You can step into any supermarket these days and find all kinds of weird and wonderful ingredients from places right across the world that simply never used to be there. In our parents and grandparents generations, the food choices they were presented with in shops was far more limited. Due to things like these global movements creating demand, supermarkets start stocking these items because they know people want them. 

Recipe box subscription services

Recipe box subscriptions are a new service which has really taken off in recent years. These are great for people who aren’t the most confident cooks since you’re only sent exactly what you need, or people who are short on time and want something tasty, quick and simple. Recipe subscription services allow you to choose the meals you want from a list online and are delivered directly to your door, this kind of service simply didn’t exist a few years ago and simply wouldn’t be possible without access to the internet and technology.

Access to millions of recipes

Recipe books have of course been around for a very long time. However, unless you’d gone out of your way to the library or bookshop ahead of time to get a book, or written down a tried and tested recipe from someone you knew then you were pretty limited to cooking what you knew how to cook. We take it so for granted these days that we can google how long a piece of meat takes to cook, different cooking techniques and have millions of recipes easy to access whenever we want them. Having the ability to find this information on sites from to Pinterest to BBC Good Food can help us to be more creative and spontaneous in our cooking, as we can take a look at the ingredients we have on hand and find inspiration on what to do with them. Or we can push our boundaries by trying new things, as we have recipes right there in front of us to walk us through every step. 


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