FIRST LOOK: Robot Maid from Vici Robotics

FIRST LOOK: Robot Maid from Vici Robotics

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With so many amazing smart home advancements, do you ever wonder why we’re still washing dirty dishes, taking out the trash, and doing other gross, time-consuming chores? I mean it’s 2020 for crying out loud—the age of self-heating mugs and self-driving cars. The age of “there’s an app for everything”. Shouldn’t we have technology that does our tedious chores by now? Shouldn’t there be an app for that?

Sure, a Roomba will clean most of my floor. But what about my tables and countertops? What about my living room littered with kids’ toys? Now that the Roomba has given me a taste of that sweet house cleaning automation, I want more. Where’s my dish-doing robot or my laundry-doing robot? 

Well, thank goodness, the long-awaited robot maid is finally here.

Vici Robotics’ all-in-one household service robot has come to spare us from the endless chores of everyday life. With its specialized robotic arm that has the full range of motion of a human arm, Vici’s Robot can pick up and place objects at very precise angles. Perfect for putting dishes in the dishwasher and toys in their containers. This angular precision also enables it to operate home appliances, like your dishwasher and washing machine. And yes—it even comes with an app. What’s more, it can move independently around your house, one day completing all of your chores as it goes along like a skilled one-armed housemaid.

Although Vici’s Robot has learned only one chore so far, its creators envision it doing all of your mundane household tasks in the future. And thankfully, they’ve started with the most painful chore: the dishes. 

Never Do Dishes Again

Imagine: no more plunging your hands into dirty sinks and scrubbing at dried food that won’t come off. No more dreading the messy aftermath of cooking dinner, baking, or hosting a party. No more arguing with your partner or kids about who’s doing the dishes tonight, or who caused the sink to fill up so inexplicably fast. Eliminate the worst chore in the house, and suddenly all of the other chores seem much more doable and much easier to delegate fairly.

Since Vici’s Robot lives in your house, it can do your dishes every single day. That means no more letting the dishes pile up for days on end until you can’t use the faucet. No more looking for a particular pot and then realizing with dismay that it’s at the bottom of the sink. You can tell your robot maid to do the dishes right after dinner every night, or after lunch, or at 3am, or all of the above—whenever is most convenient for you. This unlimited flexibility is something that no other type of cleaning service offers. No more going out of your way to schedule around a cleaning lady, because Vici’s Robot fits into any schedule.

Imagine how much time and mental energy you will save when you no longer need to spare one thought on dishes. Imagine using that newfound free time to relax with your family, expand your hobbies, and do what matters most to you.

So, what exactly does this revolutionary robot look like, and how does it work? 

Your Friendly Household Robot Maid


When we picture a robot maid, we usually think of a clunky human-shaped contraption like Rosie from the Jetsons. But Vici’s Robot’s sleek tubular body gives it an elegant and futuristic look.

Roughly the size of an average person, it can reach most home cabinets and fit comfortably through doors and hallways. Beneath the body, hidden rubber wheels let it glide smoothly across your floor without causing damage, be it on carpet, hardwood, tile or concrete. Its single robotic arm attaches to a joint that slides up and down the length of the body, allowing it to reach up to the cabinets and down to the floor. At the end of its long arm is a two-pronged hand that can gently pick up small or fragile items such as silverware and wine glasses. A body, an arm, and a hand—a simple yet effective design.

(To learn much more about these features, check out the Features page on Vici Robotics’ website.)

Vici’s Robot also comes with a convenient mobile app. You can easily customize the robot, create its work schedule, monitor its progress, and turn on notifications using the app’s simple interface. You never have to worry about battery life since the robot automatically charges itself when not in use.

Yet none of these impressive features are the true secret to the robot’s success. What enables it to perform complicated tasks, and gives it endless possibilities as a robot maid, is that humans operate it.

As it turns out, artificial intelligence (AI) has not yet advanced enough to execute tasks as complex and irregular as doing the dishes. If you think about it, dishwashers, dishware, and the arrangement of dirty dishes in a sink vary drastically from day to day, from house to house. No robot could manage all of this correctly and instantly with AI alone. So Vici’s Robot utilizes not only AI but also human operators who control the robot through virtual reality (VR).

The Power of Virtual Reality

That’s right—the same technology from your VR videogame allows someone to operate Vici’s Robot remotely. A Vici team member dons VR goggles and sees through a camera located right above the robot’s hand. From there they can carefully monitor and maneuver the robot to make sure it grabs and places dishes, adds detergent, and operates the dishwasher accurately. After many repetitions, it will eventually learn to do the dishes on its own with AI. But a VR operator allows the robot to adapt to every household, overcome any irregularity, and complete all tasks correctly and professionally on day one.

With this unique capability come specially designed safety and security features. You can monitor your robot’s actions in real time, view your VR operator’s profile, turn the robot on and off, and make changes at any time through the Vici app. The robot’s camera records its actions so you can always look back and see what it has been doing. With all these features, you maintain full control over your robot. 


Although Vici’s Robot will not hit consumer households until 2021, Vici currently accepts pre-orders through their website.

Upon its release, the robot will specifically have the ability to load the dishwasher, run the dishwasher with detergent, remove clean dishes, and stack them neatly on a countertop. As Vici teaches the robot more skills, they will automatically update all of the robots in customers’ homes for free. So your robot will grow more and more advanced at no additional cost. Plus, as a pay-per-use hardware service, the robot maid is much more affordable than a traditional cleaning service.

In one short year, a robot could free you from ever doing the dishes again.

To learn more, check out the Vici Robotics website or subscribe to their newsletter.


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