Are You Advertising Your Home to Burglars?

Are You Advertising Your Home to Burglars?

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Nobody wants to get their home to be robbed, and yet many of us advertise our homes to thieves without knowing. Here are a few ways that you can prevent your home being a future burglary target.

Don’t show off your valuables

Be careful of putting your valuables on display to the world. Placing a large TV in front of a window is practically asking to get it stolen. In fact, when it comes to front facing rooms, you should be very careful of what you allow passers by to see. Hanging net curtains over your windows could help to distort the view from outside while still letting the light into your home – sites like Net Curtains Direct have a variety to choose from.

Make sure that there aren’t any valuables in your garden on display either. Expensive grills and lawnmowers are common targets, so keep these locked away in a shed when not in use.

Fix visible signs of damage to doors and windows

It doesn’t matter if your windows and doors are locked if the frames or glass is damaged. Such a weakness could make a break in easy for a burglar, so try to get this damage fixed up. There are companies such as Carrig Glass and Glazing Repair that can help replace your windows. Try to opt for modern reinforced windows and doors when getting a replacement.

Avoid the obvious spare key hiding places

Many thieves look for the easiest way in, which is to simply use the spare key. Make sure that this isn’t hidden in an obvious place such as under a doormat, under a nearby plant pot, or on top of the door frame. You’re best not hiding your spare key around your house at all – instead consider giving it to a trusted friend/family member who lives nearby to keep it safe. Alternatively, you could hide it in your car.

Remove that high hedge

A high hedge outside your home might stop thieves from peering in, but it also hides the front of your home making it easier for a burglar to break in without being seen by neighbours. Consider getting rid of any hedge, wall, or large tree that provides a hiding place for burglars.

Be careful what you put on social media

Many thieves are now choosing their targets by checking social media for vacation photos – these are an instant giveaway that you are not at home, allowing burglars to plan a break in. You’re much better off sharing these photos when you get back from your vacation. Also be careful of posting photos of yourself outside your home as this could let strangers know where you live.

Don’t let mail pile up while you’re away

Thieves can also tell that you’re on vacation if there’s lots of mail visibly piled up. This is more likely to be noticeable if you have a glass front door, although some thieves may peer through your letterbox to check. Consider getting someone you trust to come into your home on a regular basis while you’re away and pick up your mail – something as simple as this could deter a burglary.


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