FIRST LOOK: Awair Air Quality Monitor

FIRST LOOK: Awair Air Quality Monitor

Take a deep breath.

I don’t know how it happened, but I seem to have made it through life without any allergies; that’s worth mentioning only because everyone live with and work around seems to be dramatically effected by the seasons or by certain indoor environments.

For those that lack my superhuman immune system, it looks like the folks at Awair have cooked up a compelling solution to keep you updated on your environment and make meaningful changes to help you breathe better. The Awair is a beautifully designed air quality sensor with a unique display that constantly scans your home to detect temperature, humidity, CO2, dust, and volatile organic compounds. Using the complimentary app, the Awair keeps tabs on your environment and claims to make suggestions on how the current air quality in your home might be affecting your well-being. For instance, it’ll tell you to open a window if there’s too much CO2 (which can cause a “brain fog”), or to ventilate a room if it detects a level of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that might trigger respiratory inflammation.

The Awair also serves as a beautiful little clock with serious mid-century street-cred, and features some newly-announced integration with smart home favorites like Nest, IFTTT, and Amazon Echo.

It appears that Awair has developed a device that is truly unique in the smart home/IoT marketplace, and something that could potentially help change your family’s health for the better. The Awair currently retails for $199. We hope to have a full review soon!

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