What Could Be Stopping You from Having a Good Night’s Sleep?

What Could Be Stopping You from Having a Good Night’s Sleep?

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Sleep is something that we really need to ensure we get as often as possible. When we sleep, you give your body the chance to re energize and also recuperate from the day you have had. However, let’s be honest here, do we all get as much sleep as we would like? While we can’t have many more hours unless we go to bed earlier or wake up later (which might not be possible), you might want to focus on the quality of sleep that you get instead. There are many things you could be doing that could be causing you more problems than you realize. So I wanted to share with you some of the things you could change to help you get a better nights sleep.

Does your bedroom need updating?

If you are struggling with sleep then your bedroom may be to blame. When was the last time you invested in that room? The chances are not for a while. You won’t be alone. So many choose to focus on other rooms in the home. You may want to start with the bed, perhaps a new frame or mattress to start off with. Then it may be worth thinking about the wall decoration. Perhaps painting them in a new color or getting some new bedroom furniture so that you can store things away properly. There are plenty of things you could do, and it could make the world of difference to your sleep.

Is clutter causing your mind to wander

The phrase “tidy house, tidy mind” can become apparent when it comes to your bedroom. If your mind feels messy due to the clutter you have in your room, then you are less likely to have a good night’s sleep. It is all psychological, but it can be causing more harm than good. It might be worth looking at some of the ways you could declutter your bedroom once and for all. Perhaps creating storage options for different things or reorganizing and selling unwanted items like clothes online on websites like eBay.

Too much tech before bed?

So much is done through our phones and tablets these days that we can find that we are still using some sort of technology long after we have left the office for the day. A quick check of your emails, a little scroll through your Facebook feed, these things stimulate your mind due to the light from the device. Doing this right up to the moment you try and fall asleep could cause you problems drifting off naturally and quickly. Therefore switching off the tech about an hour before bed could make a big difference to the quality of sleep you get.

Not drinking the right things before sleeping

Are you one of those people that enjoy a nightcap? Perhaps you think a glass of wine before bed will help you drift off? Maybe you enjoy tea and coffee too much and find yourself drinking caffeinated drinks at night? These drinks are all stimulants, and have the opposite effects of giving you a restful nights sleep. Avoid caffeine and alcohol and instead opt for water or a warm decaffeinated drink. Also try and be mindful that you don’t want to be drinking too close to bedtime through fear of being woken for a bathroom break.

Eating too much in the evening

Eating too much or too late in the evening isn’t too good when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. You find that the food has had little time to digest, and therefore will make you feel uncomfortable and could bring on the symptoms of indigestion. Try and avoid eating too late and make the evening meal a lighter one.

Are you relaxed at night?

Finally, do you invest time in the evening to actually relax? It tied all to do with how your mind might be stimulated which leads you to feel alert and your mind switched on instead off when it comes to bedtime. Relaxing can be a simple routine that you put into place. A warm bath, a chance to pamper yourself and spend time on your skincare routine. It could be reading a book or having a conversation with a loved one with no other distractions. Simple things that can work wonders when it comes to the quality of sleep you get.

I hope that this has given you something to think about when it comes to the quality of sleep you get. Allowing you to finally get the amount of sleep you need.


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