Common Home Recycling Blunders

Common Home Recycling Blunders

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We all know the importance of recycling nowadays. This is something that is receiving increased media attention and more and more steps are being put in place to encourage us to recycle effectively. Nevertheless, this does not stop us from making a few errors from time to time. With that being said, in this post, we are going to take a look at some of the most common recycling mistakes so that you can avoid them.

Not flattening all materials – One of the biggest mistakes people make is not flattening materials before they put them in the recycling bin. This is especially true for cardboard recycling. By failing to do this, you are taking up a lot of unnecessary space in the bin, and this will encourage others to put items in the general waste bin instead.

Throwing batteries in the bin – Batteries contain a number of dangerous elements, and they should never be thrown in the bin. Instead, there are plenty of recycling points all over the country. A lot of stores have boxes for you to throw your old batteries inside. If you find a company for high quality and dirt cheap rubbish removal, they will explain everything you need to know about the correct disposal methods for all types of products.

Getting colors mixed up – You need to know your colors otherwise you can end up putting plastic in the cardboard bin outside your home and so on and so forth. Generally, red or green bins are used for recycling plastics, food containers, jars, and glasses. Brown bins are for cardboard while blue bins are usually for paper. Most bins will have a sign on them as well to help you determine what should go inside.

Failing to wipe electronics properly – A lot of people throw away their mobile phones or laptops without wiping all of their data from the device. If you do this, you are leaving yourself wide open to identity fraud. Simply emptying the trash bin on your computer or performing a system restore on your mobile phone is not enough to ensure the data is eradicated for good. Hackers can download and use data retrieval software with relative ease. This is why it is a good idea to use the services of a professional recycling company, as they will get rid of the data and dispose of items in a safe manner.

Only recycling white paper – There is a common myth that you can only recycle white paper. Where this rumor has come from, no one is quite sure. Nevertheless, you can recycle any type of paper, even recycled paper. The only ones you need to be wary of are those that have a form of a coating on them.

Throwing away perfectly good electronics – We live in a day and age where we seem to change our mobile phone more than we change our hair. If you are upgrading any type of electronic or electrical item, be it an MP3 player or a refrigerator, considering donating, giving it away, or selling it instead. You should never throw away electronic items unless that is the only solution, and even then, they should never go in the general waste bin, as they are extremely harmful. Get in touch with the professionals or call your local council to deal with e-waste correctly.



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