Leaving Your House as You Found It

Leaving Your House as You Found It

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One of the conditions of any home buying contract is that, the home will be left cared for. This is quite obviously to make sure the party that is selling the home is not just going to ransack everything and or leave their mess lying around. You wouldn’t want to turn up at the home you just spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on, to find out that they didn’t even repair a broken window. These things cannot be classed as minor, as leaving the home in a manner that is either not hygienic or physically less than advertised can lead to serious legal action. However, leaving the home as you found it, is a simple but effective way of making good on your sale.

What’s that smell?

You might be pressed for time and the move could be the most stressful thing you’ve ever gone through. Still, it doesn’t matter to the family moving in. whatever you’re going through, you’re going through but they need to be given the home with good intentions. Nobody wants to roll up to their new home and have it still smelling like the previous owners. One of the ways you can get any kind of odor out of the home is by vacuuming the floor. Even if you did it a few days ago, you should vacuum again on the moving day. Why? Well, when you move dining tables, cabinets, drawers and furniture out the way, you’ll find clumps of dust and debris underneath them.

Leave no item behind

Of course you don’t want to leave any of your things behind, but you never know what’s going to happen until it happens do you? Moving homes is incredibly complex, you’re picking up your whole life and moving hundreds if not thousands of miles away. So you’re bound to leave one or two things behind. As long as they’re small things the new owners might not mind. However if you leave behind large items they have cause to file a complaint which could lead to bad things. So, using Pro Weather Store, you can load up all your things into a loading pod. They have various sizes and they can also lift everything themselves. If need be, you can also get them to pack all your things too. However moving large cabinets and kitchen cupboard units is a very risky task, so use their services to speed things up.

Consider the outside

Okay, your home is clean from the inside and you’re just about to leave the key on the kitchen counter and go. Quickly take a look at the garden, is it also in good stead? If not, you might have another chance of a complaint on your hands which can have legal ramifications. So make sure before you leave the home that the garden is taken care for. Mow the lawn, get rid of weeds if you can and generally make it neat and tidy. Don’t allow loose soil to sit on top of the pathway for example.

Leaving your home as you once found it is not just about common courtesy, but helping to protect you from complaints and financial penalties which are usually going to be in the contract.


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