Easy Pool Maintenance Tips to Reduce Hustle

Easy Pool Maintenance Tips to Reduce Hustle

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Every pool owner must know and understand how to maintain their pool to prevent it from succumbing to unpleasant conditions like green water, algae build-up, broken filters to name a few.

Pool maintenance is a routine process especially during summer for its regular use. An unkempt pool can cause skin and eye irritation to its users.

Below are four pool tips that can help you maintain your pool;


Regular Skimming and scrubbing


Skimming off leaves and debris from the water surface should be clean as regularly as possible. Besides skimming, scrubbing the sides of the pool should be done to prevent the buildup of algae.

Doing this task manually can be hard and time-consuming. In modern days, when we all have a busy schedule, it is not possible to take care of other tasks like this. To make this work easier, you can invest in one of the best pool cleaner, capable of vacuuming and scrubbing pool floor, and also efficient at cleaning waterlines and walls. Along with the advancement of technology, these pool cleaners are energy efficient, so you don’t have to worry about power consumption and any loss to the environment.

Use Baking Soda



We should control the alkalinity of the pool without reducing the PH level. Unfortunately, pool chemicals can be expensive to purchase, but that should not worry you much. Alternatively, you can buy baking soda from a grocery store at very fair prices.

Baking Soda has sodium bicarbonate listed on their ingredients label. Amazingly baking soda bears the same concentration of the needed sodium bicarbonate per pound as the one in the pool stores. So identically you can use the same amount of baking soda you’d have used with the pool stores product.


Toss a Tennis Ball in the pool


Once swimmers exit the pool, there are some oils from skin lotions, hair products and the natural oils from our body that left on the water surface. Regular manual skimming may not eliminate these unwanted oils that can quickly cause algae growth and stain the pool walls.

The simple and easiest way to clear this mess quickly is by throwing a tennis ball into the water.  A tennis ball will float on the water surface, and its fibers will help automatically absorb the oils and chemicals and prevent the pool waters from having a slick sheen.

It is equally fine always to have a tennis ball floating on the water surface at all times.


Do a yearly pool service and properly winterize


When it comes to pool mechanical equipment maintenance like pumps, heating systems, filters – a professional stands a better chance to check out the devices.

Probably before the scheduled appointment, you can assess the pool. Identify and compile a list of any irregularities, like funny sounds from devices, leaks, holes, cracks or odd smells. Ensure to mention them to the services person as he does his assessment.

Even though everything may seem working fine, it’s essential to note that some defaults may not be easy to detect unless critically assessed by an expert and early detecting and fixing a potential problem can save you from a massive crisis that may cost you much more later.

As you approach winter to ensure you correctly balance the chemicals using a water testing kit. Also, blow out any excess water from the plumbing lines and cover the pool to keep it free from debris.

In conclusion

The above unique tips are practical and easy to execute to ensure a cleaner pool at all times. Also, a well-maintained pool will save you money in the long run because you can detect a problem early enough before it causes a major breakdown.



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