5 Places You Can Ski Even When Winter Is Over

5 Places You Can Ski Even When Winter Is Over

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Now that the winter break is over, you and your family may be experiencing separation anxiety from all the skiing and snow. Skiing has steadily become a family bonding activity and there’s no better way to enjoy more of the winter season than to leave the city and booking a ski trip.

No snow? No problem. There are year-round ski spots around the world you can visit post-winter. Take advantage of Obermeyer women’s and men’s ski jackets, accessories, and snow apparel on sale. They’re more affordable when the winter season is over. Stock up on new ski gear and explore at least one of these five places in the world where you can ski even when the winter season has ended.

Vail Mountain Resort

Hailed as Colorado’s biggest ski resorts and one of the largest worldwide, beginners to expert skiers can enjoy this mountain resort at any season. Vail offers a variety of torrential landscape that almost anyone can explore, and has 350 inches worth of snowfall each year. Who’s to stop you from pretending it’s winter all over again? Another plus side to this gorgeous location is its overlooking terrain where you can view hotels and other restaurants in the area.

Park City Mountain

While Colorado has Vail, Aspen Snowmass, and other well-known ski lodges, Utah has Park City Mountain. Ski all you want in its 7,300 acres of terrain, or ride the gondola, which allows you to enjoy this mountain’s scenic views. If you’re looking for a more challenging ski, this location offers various terrains with bumps, moguls, canyon runs, and the like.

Deer Valley

If you’re after more exclusivity, luxury, and shorter lines to the ski lift, look no further than Deer Valley in Utah. They limit their entrants to 7,500 skiers a day and prioritize customer service for their lodgers. Relive the 2002 Winter Olympics at the Carpenter Express and experience different types of ski challenges on this mountain. Deer Valley is considered as a prime location for ski aficionados out there, as it’s also situated near other ski locations in the Utah area.

Whistler Blackcomb

If you’re looking to ski somewhere a bit further (if you’re not in Canada, that is), Whistler Blackcomb is a mere 2-hour drive from Vancouver. It features a 3-kilometer gondola that gives you a bird’s eye view of glistening snowy mountains extending to the Pacific Ocean, and a vast terrain that’s skiable for all skill levels. This ski location is also considered ideal for family trips because you don’t need to be an expert to enjoy the slopes.


Does your family enjoy vertical drops when skiing? Forget North America and travel through to Europe’s popular Swiss resort: Zermatt. Apart from snowy mountains built to perfection, Zermatt is considered to have Switzerland’s highest vertical drop and can be enjoyed by snowboarders alike. If you’re up to the challenge, experience the world’s highest ski lift where 2,000 skiers are transported to Matterhorn Glacier and be 3,883 meters on top of the world.

When they say “it’s always 5 pm somewhere”, one can also say “it’s always snowing somewhere”. Experience year-round snow in these beautiful locations where you can enjoy skiing with the family even when it’s no longer the winter season.


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