FIRST LOOK: Ring Stick-Up Cam Outdoor Camera

FIRST LOOK: Ring Stick-Up Cam Outdoor Camera

All seeing; all knowing

Indoor surveillance cameras are a dime-a-dozen these days (with excellent offerings from Canary, Nest, Netgear, and others), but there has been a hole in the market for a while now for user-friendly outdoor solutions at an affordable price.

Ring, the makers of the much-beloved Ring video doorbell, recently expanded their line up to include the new “Stick-Up Cam.” In a seemingly ingenious move, they’ve taken the guts of their excellent video doorbell and created an additional product that appears to be the perfect fit for keeping an eye on other parts of your house. It’s weather resistant, mountable just about anywhere, and features some powerful features like HD video, night vision, motion detection, and even two-way talk (mostly for yelling at raccoons, I’m sure).

What makes the Stick Up Cam especially intriguing is the extreme ease of installation and the lack of a need for a power outlet. Setup is as simple as mounting a bracket on the wall and clicking the camera into place; power comes from either manually recharging the internal battery every so often (once or twice a year according to Ring), or simply pairing the unit to their inexpensive solar panel charging accessory.

The Ring doorbell is a great fit for the front porch, but I’ve been looking for a solution to keep an eye on my driveway and back patio when we’re away (as living in the woods can feel a bit isolated). I’ve seen a few comparable entries like Netgear’s Arlo line, but this seems like a product to watch given Ring’s excellent software and user-centric cloud services.

Expect a full review shortly! In the meantime, you can learn more about Ring’s Stick Up Cam on their website:

Ring Stick Up Cam


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