FIRST LOOK: Flic Wireless Smart Button

FIRST LOOK: Flic Wireless Smart Button

A shortcut for your smart life.

Smart devices are cool, but sometimes controlling them can be an absolute pain. Although it sounds convenient to control your home with a bunch of apps, it can be kind of maddening in practice. What’s the more convenient way to turn on some lights… unlocking your phone, opening an app, waiting a few seconds, and tapping an icon, or simply flipping a switch on a wall? It actually takes some effort to keep your smart home from becoming more complex than a normal home.

That’s where the brilliant little smart buttons from Flic come in. Flic is a tiny wireless button that you can stick or clip just about anywhere, including your nightstand, your car’s dashboard, or even under your desk. What makes it so magical is its ability to hook with with dozens of smart home services, including popular products like HUE, LIFX, Sonos, and (amazingly) IFTTT. Essentially, Flic is a magic button that you can place anywhere you want that does just about anything you can dream of when it’s pressed.

Want to change the color on your LIFX lights? Press it once. Want to skip to the next track on your Sonos speakers? Tap it twice. Want to send your wife a text when you arrive at home? Press and hold for a few seconds on the way to the kitchen. It sounds like a brilliant little device for making shortcuts for your entire day.

Flic is available now for $34/ea or as a four-pack for $99. We hope to have a full review in the coming months.

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