From Bland to Bold: Fun Design Features to Add Drama to Your Home

From Bland to Bold: Fun Design Features to Add Drama to Your Home

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Flipping through home magazines and scouring Pinterest can really give you an itch for wanting to switch up your home! It might be just fine as it is, but if it’s a little bland and boring you might be craving some interest and drama. Our homes are so personal, and so it’s always worth creating a space that feels like ‘you’. If yours is bland and generic with no sense of your own style or personality, here are a few ways you could liven it up.

Add colour

Maybe you’re renting, or perhaps your home has just neutral decor that you don’t want to mess with too much. However, you can still add colour and personality without picking up a paintbrush or a roll of wallpaper. Your first step is to decide on a colour or a colour palette that works with what you already have. For example, white walls will work with just about any accent colour, whereas grey or magnolia walls will each have certain colours that are best matches to those. If you’re unsure, check out colour combinations online and also search for rooms that use these shades to make sure they give the look you’re after. Once you’ve decided on your accent colour, you can bring in interest with accessories and soft furnishings. Add throws and cushions to your sofa and bed. Add lamps which incorporate the colour, rugs, vases, photo frames and more. If you want something ultra classy, why not choose a metal for your accent colour? Lots of home accessories can be found in gold, rose gold, titanium or silver and could help to tie in with your furniture too. If you’ve chosen a gold framed coffee table for example, a gold clock, vase, frames, light fitting and even curtain pole make everything look cohesive. It’s fantastic way to bring interest to an otherwise plain room.

Incorporate some greenery

Plants are one of the best ways to bring colour, texture and interest to a boring or plain room. Something as simple as a large yucca or fern in one corner, or a couple of smaller house plants dotted around on shelves or sideboards bring in a lot of interest. They will liven up and brighten up any room. They work with just about any decor, and are an unfussy way to decorate if you’re not one for having lots of ornaments or objects around. If you’re not the best for keeping plants alive, do some research and opt for low maintenance varieties- cacti and succulents require very little watering so are almost impossible to kill.

Make the window a statement area

If you’re lucky enough to have gorgeous windows at home, make the most of them! Nice windows can make any home look luxurious, and by choosing the right dressings you maximise the light coming through too. If you hang curtains from the ceiling it makes the window look bigger and like more of a feature. Otherwise, pelmets or swags and tails can look ultra sumptuous – and work well for certain styles of rooms. Wooden blinds or shutters can also be a way to make the most of the windows, it all comes down to the style and theme of the room.

Upcycle a piece of furniture

If you’re after a really nice stand-out piece of furniture, then you might have browsed the shops and been put off by the high prices. Perhaps you want something really unique, and have simply not been able to find what you wanted. If that’s the case, why not upcycle something? You can find interesting old pieces of solid furniture really cheaply, often people give them away or sell them cheaply when they’re clearing out their home. Check local classified ads and junk shops too. Once you’ve found the perfect piece you can go about customizing it. Give it a lick of paint or sand and stain it so it looks the way you want. Line the drawers with pretty drawer liner paper, fit new hardware such as legs and handles. Whether it’s a dressing table, a sideboard, a coffee table or a set of drawers, it’s a good way to add drama and a unique piece into your home.

Choose a bold light fixture

Finally, lighting is so often overlooked when it comes to home decor. But it shouldn’t be that way; the right fixture will ensure your home is properly lit and will also tie in with your decor. Depending on your theme, you could go with anything from a chandelier to an industrial piece with exposed bulbs. Something that stands out and makes a statement will add interest to a room that’s fairly plain elsewhere.


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