Does Your Home Need Rewiring?

Does Your Home Need Rewiring?

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The electricity in your home is a big deal. Not only does it have the power to shock and start fires, but it can impact your property’s energy efficiency. In a world where going green is important, this is one reason it’s worth thinking about a rewire.

Because it’s an expensive and timely job, nobody wants to do it without being sure. However, there is no way to know without lifting the flooring and taking a peek inside the walls. It’s a catch-22 situation.  In such a scenario, hiring an experienced electrician in Mt Albert is the best choice. These professionals can very well notice electrical faults.

But, if there are signs which certainly suggest the wiring is old and in need of replacing, then you can contact home electric services. These are the things to watch out for in your home.


Do you live in an old home or a new build? Better yet, how old is the wiring in the property. Although experts pretty much agree that copper wiring can last over 100 years, the problem is with the insulation. On average, it erodes a lot quicker than the metal and leaves the cables exposed. That’s why old houses need rewiring more than newer ones. As a guideline, homeowners should look to replace their electrics every three to four decades. If your home is 40 years old, it’s time to call an electrician from Aberfeldie.


Lots of things happen that property owners pass off as normal. For example, the light bulbs will flicker and take a while to get to full brightness. Or, they might blow every now and again. Not to worry because you can buy a lamp and a replacement bulb. But, these are signs the electricity isn’t working properly and there might be blocks in the system. The only way to get it up to speed is to rewire the entire house or to patch up the problem area. Either way, you need to inspect. Other performance-based issues include:

  • Blown fuses
  • Electrical shocks
  • Buzzing sounds
  • Burning smell


You’ve wanted to renovate for a while but haven’t got around to it. Now you have time, it’s essential to think about the electrics for two reasons. The first is to keep them in working order for as long as possible. While you’re sprucing up the house, it’s wise to deal with the problem areas too. In most cases, a crawl space service is inevitable. Secondly, adding new features to the property is a bad move if the wiring isn’t up to standard. Also, consider that the location of the wires might need to change to fit in a new appliance.


Sometimes, the outlets will tell you whether it’s time to find a professional. Usually, they get very hot and are too warm to touch. This is a sign the electricity to going straight to the socket and there isn’t any insulation. Plugs which change color are the same. Look for a yellow tinge or anything which is off-white. A burnout outlet is trouble and needs dealing with ASAP.

After reading this, do you think your house needs rewiring? Whether you’re unsure or not, an inspection is always a savvy move to be sure.


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