Tired of Winter? Get Your Home Ready for Spring Instead

Tired of Winter? Get Your Home Ready for Spring Instead

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While you’re able to find a flora of home hacks to prepare your home for the long winter, there’s just something so much more positive about getting it ready for spring. Forget about all of those deep-cleaning chores for now and start to prepare your home slowly for the refreshing breeze of spring instead.

It might not make it return any faster but it will definitely help you to get through the cold months ahead. Here is a handful of tips and home hacks to help you to a better, safer, and more refreshing home as soon as winter is over.

#1 Gutter cleaning

Nothing should remind you of spring more than getting your hands dirty outside. Cleaning the gutters is definitely a part of spring but you can get this done as soon as the coldest part is over. Just get a hold of a ladder and remove all of that debris.

Remove as much as possible with your glove-covered hands and get the rest of the most stubborn dirt away with the garden hose.

While cleaning the gutters may not sound like the best way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon, it can actually be quite therapeutic. Spend some time outside, get the exterior of your house nice and clean, and you can look so much more forward to the warmer months ahead without giving those gutters a second thought.

#2 Roof repairs

Even if you live in a relatively sunny area that doesn’t experience too much snow and wind, you should still have a look at your roof and make sure that the elements didn’t do any damage during the last couple of months.

It is probably better to call up a roofing company for this job, though, as climbing the ladder to clean those gutters is more than enough height for one weekend. They will be able to fix any issues with ease as well and can let you know if it needs any further damage repair.

Having a proper look at your roof is important as a faulty one doesn’t just let in rain and can cause water damage to your home – but a loose shingle may fly off at the gust of a wind and hit a poor neighbor. It’s the kind of accidents you’d rather not involve your neighbors in.

#3 Wash exterior windows

Finally, what’s better than a sparkling clean house when the sun finally treats us to its presence? While you can leave the biggest interior spring cleaning for last, it’s a good idea to spend some time out in the fresh air and get those window cleaned once and for all.

It will definitely get the rest of your area going when they see how shiny your home is, and you can lean back and look forward to a couple of sunny months ahead. Have a look at this article to learn how to do it while avoiding those annoying streaks and you’ll have it over with during a short afternoon.

All you have left now in terms of fixing up the exterior of your home is, of course, to get that garden nice and blooming. As this will have to wait until the warm season is back for real, you can simply lean back and have a cup of tea while enjoying the feeling of having the nicest looking house in the neighbourhood.



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