Living Room Decor Mistakes to Avoid This Year

Living Room Decor Mistakes to Avoid This Year

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Living Room Décor Mistakes to Avoid this Year

A well decorated and organized living room always attracts a large number of people. Proper spacing and proper furnishing are the main attributes of a well organized and attractive living room. Well allocated and structured seating makes a cozy environment for the family members to stay for hours.  A graceful living room creates a lasting impression on the lives of the visitor.  We often get to see well-structured living rooms in movies that look very classy, but duplicating such interiors is not easy and can prove to be a challenge.

One can take help of interior designers to help in the process of renovating living room. They are professionals who have detailed knowledge about decorating the homes and work places. It depends on us how we wish to decorate our living space. We can make use of various wall hanging or classy furniture, wooden flooring or lamps. The décor should be according to ones taste and portray one’s interests. The living room is the place which the visitor visits first when they enter your home. The living room hence, is supposed to be perfect.

Usage of artificial floral arrangements can also be made to give the living room an environment-friendly look.  Using silk floral arrangements is better for a long lasting décor. One will not require keeping changing the flowers for time to time and remain cautious about the flowers getting stale. Artificial plants at the extreme corners also look good. One can also plant silk, artificial bonsai tree, artificial silk trees, silk orchids, as they are classy and affordable.

In the attempt of making the living room attractive, there are various instances where the professional feel that mistakes are made. Some of the mistakes that are often made are jotted below for helping you to check on while you are renovating your living room décor.

Picking an inappropriate sofa set.

One needs to be very particular while choosing their sofa set or any other kind of furniture for their living room. They should keep in mind the size and structure of their living room and choose the sofa accordingly. A sofa set is the most basic and important furniture of the living room and on the verge of making the living room artful, people end up choosing the wrong sofa. A sofa should be soft and comfortable so that one can easily a movie and relax after a tinge day’s work. In order to stop oneself from purchasing an inappropriate sofa, one requires selecting a simple sofa set in which one can easily decorate and improvise.

The store outlook.

It is often seen that the people purchase furniture like sofa sets, tea tables, carpets, lamps, wall hangings from the same store matching the stuff will each other. In this what happens is that, the living room of the individual looks like a showroom without any newness. One should always personalize. They should mix the furniture properly to give the living room an individualistic outlook.  So, one should try to make use of ornamental furnishing and antiques to decorate the living rooms. In a living room proper lighting is also needed to make the room look good and enhance the beauty of the furniture. Usage of soft lights provides relaxation to the eyes. Using yellow lights can help one give a vintage outlook on the living room. Wooden floors and footlights are a perfect combination. Wall hangings should also be lit up with low voltage LEDs.

Purchasing incorrect floor cloth.

“The furniture looks perfect but, the floor mat ruins the outlook,” Is anyone happy with this?  Hence, one needs to choose the right rug or carpet for covering the furniture. The rug should be neither short not too big. It should go with the decor of the living room. The tea table should be at the center of the carpet. The quality should also be kept in mind. One should not compromise with the quality to save money. The rug also needs cleaning and regular dusting.

Poorly planned layout.

A well planned layout is always required. A well planned structured layout helps saving space and also makes the room look nice. Sitting arrangements should be kept in mind, and you might consider the seats in a way facing the television set. Sizes of  homes vary, and so do their living rooms. Hence, the smaller rooms should avoid eating up of unnecessary space, and larger rooms look nicer with spacious arrangements like fireplaces and television cabinets.

Wrong use of art.

Many people use paintings by famous artists and wall hangings to decorate the walls of the living rooms. At times,  they do not go with the décor. So, one should buy such paintings that go with the color, texture, and ceiling’s height. Another thing that should be kept in mind is that the art should be at eye level. The painting should not be placed very high where the viewer can see only by raising the neck. Wall hangings should also go with the other decorations of the room like the curtains and the cushions along with the lamps and lighting as well. So if you’ve decided on the theme of your home interior designs, start looking for tips that can help you tie it all together. For example, if you’re leaning towards Southwest interior design ideas, you should focus on incorporating elements that reflect the warmth and richness of the desert landscape. Think terracotta, warm earth tones, natural materials like wood and leather, and perhaps even a bold, patterned rug that draws inspiration from Native American designs. The key is to blend these elements seamlessly with your current decor to avoid the space feeling like a mismatched collection. Textures play a crucial role in this design style, so consider adding hand-woven rugs or rustic wooden pieces to enhance the authenticity. Many people make the mistake of not sticking to a theme and this can lead to a chaotic and disjointed appearance.

A living room should be a place which should be utilized and used in everyday life.



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