Scheduling Home Exterior Improvements

Scheduling Home Exterior Improvements

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If you are hoping to renovate the exterior of your home in order to improve its curb appeal in future, then how the work is scheduled is a particularly crucial decision. With the right schedule, you can look forward to a cohesive project that minimizes the stress and disruption any renovation work can cause. However, if the scheduling goes awry, then what once seemed like a nice idea can quickly become a nightmare.

Home exterior renovations: the standard method

When conducting exterior renovations, most homeowners focus on a step-by-step process that focuses on each area in turn. They will focus on replacing the windows, installing security fencing, updating the siding, or opting to build a new porch in increments; always finishing one project and then moving on to the next.

This constant quest for minor improvements in each area seems like the sensible choice, but it’s worth asking – rather than a continual process of small refinements, could it perhaps be preferable to opt for one, big renovation project?

The benefits of starting afresh with the exterior of your home

Simply put, renovating all of the exterior elements of your home in one fell swoop is almost always the right choice. If you opt to contact the likes of for a complete transformation of the external elements of your home, you will essentially benefit from a completely fresh start. This means that, rather than making constant adjustments that may compete with one another, you can focus on your main priorities and ensure they align neatly.

Furthermore, you’ll also benefit from a single period of renovation work, rather than extending the hassle and stress over what could become a number of years. Simply put, the “all projects in one” complete transformation is always the best choice.


The cost implications

The reason that homeowners tend to shy away from a complete exterior transformation can vary, but overwhelmingly, the primary concern is the cost. It simply seems more affordable to break each project into individual sections, which can then be financed accordingly; for example, people choose to improve their boundary fencing in year one, then build a porch in year two, then install new siding in year three, and so on.

While the above arrangement can work well, the simple truth is that a project-by-project approach simply isn’t any less expensive. The only difference is that the cost is more spread out – so it’s worth asking yourself if the extra stress and hassle of a long, project-by-project approach is really worth it, given that the cost benefits are negligible at best.

In conclusion

By saving to fund an all-projects-in-one home exterior renovation, everything is more streamlined. Yes, even if you have saved the requisite funds using tips detailed on, or obtained financing from the company who will be completing the work, conducting the project may still be somewhat stressful and disruptive. However, the work would be stressful even if you spaced it out – and it would be stressful for longer. With the single-big-project approach, you’ll experience a short burst of activity, but then you’re done – leaving you free to relax and enjoy your home’s new exterior for many years to come.


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