Is Your Home’s Security Up to Scratch?

Is Your Home’s Security Up to Scratch?

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Keeping your home, possessions, family and pets safe is high up on the priority list for all of us, but what exactly do you do to ensure that your security is up to scratch? Walking home and realize your things have been taken or your loved ones have been put at risk is nothing short of a nightmare, so don’t leave it up to chance. Here are some things to consider in terms of your home’s security.

Your home’s location

While you can never guarantee the safety of a property, unfortunately some homes are more at risk than others when it comes to security. Cities are notoriously bad for crime, and if you’re in a bit of a run-down neighborhood then unfortunately there are just going to be more unsavory characters about. If you’re able to, moving home is the best option here. You don’t need to move to a gated community (who can afford that?) but do run some area checks of the places you’re interested in. See what the crime rates are like and what sort of crimes are often recorded there as it could cause you to think twice. Give a company like BR Moving a call and give yourself a fresh start in a new home, in a hopefully safer street.

Neighborhood watch

Having a neighborhood watch scheme in place can be so helpful when it comes to crime. It doesn’t even have to be official; have a chat with your neighbors and agree to keep an eye on each other’s properties. So many people will hear a commotion or even a burglar alarm go off but just ignore it. However, if you have neighbors watching out for your home they’ll be quick on the phone to the police who will hopefully prevent the thieves making off with your stuff! Likewise, you can watch out for your neighbors too by having a police scanner on hand so you’re always alert to local emergencies and situations. Learn more about police scanners from these two great resources: NoWiresRadio and RatedRadarDetector.

Smart home

Smart home technology has completely revolutionized home security. These days, modern systems can be managed right from your home, meaning you can keep an eye on your CCTV cameras or be alerted if your burglar alarm is going off, no matter where you are in the world. Any CCTV or burglar alarm system is better than nothing, but these days, if you’re going to invest, it might as well be in a smart one. Have a look at what’s on the market; there are some really cool gadgets to keep your home safe. Things like programmable curtain rails and the ability to turn lights and appliances on and off from anywhere in the world can make your home look occupied even when it’s not.

Windows and doors

You might have the best smart home systems in place, but it’s your windows and doors which provide the physical barrier and keep the bad guys out. High quality models are difficult to kick in, keeping your home locked up like Fort Knox! And most importantly, always remember to lock them after you. High quality and expensive windows and doors are no issue to criminals when they’re left open! So many burglaries happen where the criminal simply walks through the door, don’t let this happen to you.


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  • Smart home technology has completely revolutionized home security. These days, modern systems can be managed right from your home. The security systems must be updated as per the requirement.

  • Managing smart home security systems remotely from the comfort of our space shall make our homes safe and secure for living provided if we choose the right home automation system.

  • I will completely agree with your article because the safety of our home and our family is the first priority for all of us. We should always be in touch and in cooperation with our neighbors and complement each other in matters of security. A very good solution to control our house and the area around it are security cameras. The evolution of technology enables us to see our home from afar via mobile or computer in real time. The cost today for cameras is not very high compared to what they offer us.

    Vassilis Dimitriadis, Security Systems Technician in Athens

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