Furniture Pieces Every Contemporary Home Needs

Furniture Pieces Every Contemporary Home Needs

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Modern and contemporary home design is all the rage these days. If you are getting a little bored with colored feature walls and quirky items in the home, opting for a cool and simple design might be the ideal answer for you. Today we are taking a look at this type of design and specifically the types of accessories you can bring into your space which will make your home feel like a contemporary paradise. Here are the essential pieces of furniture every modern home should have.

A marble table

When it comes to decorating a house for this sort of style, color is something used sparingly. And because this is often the case we need to find new and exciting ways to add some depth to our design. This is done often with patterns and textures and there is no more popular texture than marble. Marble instantly makes a space feel more luxurious and classy and it will add an elegance to your living or dining room instantly. Topping this with a simple succulent in a pot and some gold coasters will really make your home feel expensive.

A leather sofa

As well as design, comfort is a big thing when it comes to the home and of course we want to be able to sit as comfortably as we can. Furniture websites such as offer a wide range of different home comforts and the most popular type has to be a leather sofa. Leather looks flashy and feels luxurious and it is the perfect addition to a modern home.

A copper bath

The bathroom is often a part of the home which is taken for granted and not used to its full potential and this really is a shame. However there are many different ways that you can style your bathroom to add to that contemporary design and the biggest thing this includes is a copper bath. Copper is a popular choice for a bath because it conducts heat amazingly and therefore will keep you warmer for longer in the tub. As well as this, copper can offset black and white design with class and it will make your home feel like one out of a magazine.

A kitchen breakfast bar

If you enjoy having people over at your house for drinks and food now and again, a kitchen breakfast bar can be a great addition to your space. If you have an open plan kitchen this is the ideal opportunity to up your hosting skills and allow people to sit and talk to you while you make food. It will be the ideal way to add some class to the home and an excuse for more dinner parties.

A TV stand

One of the things you will notice the most when walking around a modern home is that it feels and looks clean. One of the big factors which can change the dynamic of a room instantly is whether or not your cables are out on show. Cables are ugly and large and they instantly make a room feel more messy than it is. This is why a TV stand or cabinet is essential for your home. You’ll be able to disguise all of your cables and what nots behind the TV stand and hide them from view, creating instant space and class.

A large mirror

A lot of a home’s design is about light and space, and to get both of these things nailed down you need a large mirror to work with. A large mirror will make all the difference to your home because it will make the room feel larger than it is as well as reflect light from outside into the home. It is a tool which is needed by many and useful for all.

Fitted wardrobes

If you are looking for a method to make your bedroom feel more modern and contemporary this year we have a super simple solution for you. Wardrobes are of course the biggest accessory in the home but they also take up a lot of space in the room and can look unsightly. When you come to change the layout of the room consider buying yourself some fitted wardrobes which will fit to the wall. This will give you more space and often sliding doors can be added to

Make it feel much more modern and fun. You’ll be able to walk around your bedroom in comfort and keep all of your clothes and other bits and pieces safe in one place.


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