Keeping Your Home Safe During Your Vacation

Keeping Your Home Safe During Your Vacation

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Whether you have already been on this year’s summer vacation, or you are still looking forward to a little late summer, or even winter sun, chances are at some point in the future, you’ll be leaving your home unoccupied for at least a few days. When this happens, while we’re excited about our break and looking forward to a bit of time away from work and household chores, many of us worry about how safe our homes will be. We worry that that something could go wrong while we are away, but more than that, we worry that someone will break in and that our home won’t be safe. 

Worrying about the safety of your home is entirely normal. But, it shouldn’t impact your enjoyment of your break. Take some time to make sure that your home is protected and take precautions to keep it safe, and you’ll have peace of mind while you are away. Leaving you free to enjoy yourself, knowing that you’ve done everything you can to keep your home, and everything that’s inside it, safe and secure. 

Install Security Features

In years gone by, we locked our windows and doors, and that was about it. Now, locks themselves have become more hi-tech and secure, but you can also add motion sensors, CCTV equipment, spotlights, alarms and more. You could even get alerts on your smartphone while you are away. Get in touch with a residential locksmith to talk about your options, and ask them for further advice on keeping your house safe. 

Leave a Key with a Neighbor

If you’ve got a trusted neighbor, friend or family member that lives nearby, leaving them with a key to your house to keep an eye on things while you are away can be a great idea. Make sure you also leave the details on how to contact you and your alarm code so that they can get in to reset it if it goes off. If you’ve got a pet or plants to feed, you might have asked anyway, but even if you don’t need anyone to get inside your home, it’s still a good option. 

Don’t Publicize Your Absence

Social media is a brilliant way to share holiday pictures and updates with friends and family back home. But, doing this is also letting the world know that you are away. Try just to share updates with close friends and family, and leave sharing pictures with the world until you are safely at home. 

Write a Checklist 

Do you ever wake up in the night, when you are far away from home to find that you can’t remember locking your door at home? It’s one of those things that most of us never remember doing, but you won’t want the worries to ruin your break. Write a checklist and tick things off before you leave. Take it with you, and you’ll feel safe in the knowledge that all of your safety checks were completed. You can use notes on your phone, and even snap pictures if you don’t want to use paper. 


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