Transform Your Family Room Into the Ultimate Entertainment Hub

Transform Your Family Room Into the Ultimate Entertainment Hub

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A family room is meant to be a place where a family can meet and enjoy one another’s company to share and create memories. Family rooms are ideal for families to spend quality time together while simply relaxing or being entertained in some way. It can be easy for children and parents to bond while spending time in the family room. Some families take much time to relax with their families and want to make their family room a more exciting and comfortable place.

Creating the ultimate entertainment hub as a family room is necessary for those who like to spend a lot of time watching TV or playing games. It can add value to your home and make your children feel more inclined to interact with you and the rest of the family. In today’s age, we are consumed by our technology and sometimes it can become easy to get wrapped up in your smartphone or mobile device and neglect the people around you. It is prominent for teenagers and young adults to shy away from spending time with their family because it isn’t as interesting as their mobile devices.

Get your family to spend more time with one another by creating a space where they can enjoy their favorite media content and be comfortable. There are certain ways you can spruce up your family room to create an entertainment space meant for either relaxation or fun.

1. A large TV

The television you have and it’s size matters more than you may think. The ultimate entertainment space calls for a large television with quality picture and characteristics. A flat-screen TV isn’t hard to come by and you can find one in almost every home. They can get expensive, though, if you are looking at some of the top brands and the TV’s quality and components.

You want to buy a TV that fits the room and that everyone can see clearly. It can be uncomfortable to have to strain your eyes to see a screen that is smaller in size. You should consider the angle you have your TV as well. Many people opt to have their TVs mounted on the wall to help with centralizing the screen so everyone can see comfortable. You can mount your TV or place it on a TV stand. It all depends on what will suit your room best.

2. Surround sound system

You must also consider your sound when it comes to transforming your family room. Surround sound or an immersive sound system can make all the difference when you are watching your TV. Being able to feel quality sound all around you can make watching your favorite movies or shows a better experience. This is an important part of creating a theatre vibe for your entertainment space.

Set your speakers up around the room to give your family room an ultimate entertainment upgrade. Because this is great for all sounds, those that enjoy gaming will have a better experience playing with surround and higher quality sound. Sound can make movies more exciting to watch and games more fun to play. This is also an upgrade you can do gradually. Collect speakers over time to maximize your sound system. It isn’t something you have to have every piece of at once.

3. Get a streaming device or entertainment package

When you have your big screen on the wall, you will need something to watch on it. It is advised that you invest in either a streaming device or an entertainment package with a cable company. Streaming devices are small gadgets that allow you to stream various forms of content on your screen. They come in different types and have various functions. Some are meant for those with brand loyalty and while some are meant for those with little to no knowledge of technology. There are guides specific to streaming content online that can help you with anything from setting up your device to what apps to download.

The most popular streaming device is the Amazon FireStick and is one of the very first streaming devices out there. The FireStick is a great addition to your entertainment hub as it offers many ways to gain access to your favorite genres of movies, music, and other content. Other popular streaming devices are:

  • Google Chromecast
  • Amazon Fire Cube TV
  • Apple TV
  • Nvidia Shield
  • Roku

Even though it has become extremely popular for households to save money by cutting the cords of their cable and opting for streaming devices, having an entertainment package for your family room is important. Those that enjoy having specific channels and variety when it comes to live television should consider getting a personalized entertainment package from a supported cable company.

4. Pick proper lighting

Consider the kind of light you have in your family room. If your family room contains windows, it is always good to have natural light. Though, at times this can cause difficulty when trying to enjoy content on screen as natural light can cause glares. You want to have soft lighting in your entertainment hub to make sure that your family and guests are comfortable. You can either install dimmer lights to your room or switch out your light bulbs for a softer light.

Lighting is key to creating an entertainment space in your home and is often a factor overlooked. You want to have the appropriate ambiance for your family room that is both relaxing and inviting. Regardless of the activity taking place, you want your entertainment room to have the right amount of light.

5. Arrange for comfortability and functionality

Make your family room more comfortable by arranging furniture and decor to accommodate any additions and to help centralize the room. Make sure to arrange your furniture in a way that will be the most comfortable for watching TV and playing games. Think about what your family does the most in your family room and use that as the focal point for any rearrangements.

You want to be able to relax so investing in quality furniture will increase the value of your entertainment hub and create a space where your family can bond comfortably. Adding beanbags and unique seating are fun ideas to add to your room.

Make sure that your entertainment hub functions well, too. You want to be able to enjoy your favorite movies and games without having inconveniences or mishaps when it comes to your technology and gadgets.



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  • I feel like Roku should be at the top of the list since they are the only streaming player to offer shortcut API commands for any app on the Roku platform. My girlfriend doesn’t even know where Netflix comes from. She presses the Netflix button on our RTi remote and then Netflix comes up. I have a smart home automation company in Austin Texas and there is nothing more awkward than having to explain to someone how to watch TV or Netflix. Its just as funny as having smart lighting with the conversation of “how do you turn the lights on in here?” 🙂

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