Five Ways to Modernize Your Old House

Five Ways to Modernize Your Old House

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Want to bring your old house into the 21st century? While there are certain to be some features worth preserving, others may be in severe need of an upgrade. Here are just 5 ways in which you can modernize your old house.

Replace old fixtures

There are certain fixtures such as old ovens and toilets that you don’t want to be clinging onto. An old oven could be using up unnecessary energy to heat up – upgrading to a newer oven could save you money in energy bills. Meanwhile, an old toilet may be using up unnecessary amounts of water during flushing – buying a brand new multi-flush toilet could help to bring down your water bill.  


A lot of older homes are poorly insulated. Insulation can help to trap heat in a home, reducing the need to use electric or gas heating as often. It could also increase the value of your home. There are lots of ways in which you can insulate your old home including installing double glazing or insulating the loft.

Go open-plan

Open-plan downstairs layouts have become more popular in recent years. This allows the kitchen, dining area and living room to become one free-flowing space. This can help to improve communication from each room, as well as letting in more natural light. You’ll want to hire professional contractors when creating an open-plan layout. Knocking down entire walls may not always be entirely feasible, but you may still be able to use cut-outs.

Update electrics

Old homes can have poor electrics. By hiring an electrician to look at your home’s electrics, you can check if any urgent updates are needed (old wiring could be a safety concern in some cases). On top of changing old wiring, there may be a need to add in extra sockets or light fixtures.

Fix up the flooring

Original floorboards can sometimes be worth preserving. However, if they’re starting to get warped or damaged, you may consider replacing them. A new laminate wood floor could be more practical when it comes to cleaning or you could even consider adding carpets.


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