How to Turn Your Home Into a Social Hub

How to Turn Your Home Into a Social Hub

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If you like nothing more than getting together with your friends, family, and neighbors, then you might want to do more with your home environment. With a few additions and alterations, your home might then become of the social hub of the neighborhood, for all kinds of events that you might consider hosting. 

Here are some suggestions you might find useful.

#1: Make use of a spare room

Now, your living room, kitchen, and garden areas are the most likely places for a social gathering. But if you are looking for ways to transform your spare room, you might consider using it for social purposes. 

So, you might create a games room, decked out with video game consoles, board games, and plenty of comfortable seating for your guests to relax in. You might convert your basement into a bar and dance area, with a music system, disco lights, and chairs and tables for social and mingling purposes. 

Or what about a home theatre room, with a giant screen or the latest in 4K television technology, and wall-to-wall speakers? Watch the latest movies with your nearest and dearest while munching on popcorn and other cinema-type snacks. Just be sure to soundproof your room if going for this option.

#2: Invest in smart technology

With Amazon’s Alexa device, you could create music playlists for your parties, dim the lighting to create atmospheric moods, and control the heating when your guests were too hot or cold. With an iRobot Roomba, you could tell your guests to stop worrying about dropping food crumbs and let your robotic vacuum go to work on their behalf. And with the Alexa-friendly Sonos One w-fi speakers, you could have music pumping out in every room of your house. The partying will never cease! 

There are all kinds of smart technologies available today, so research the items that will make your social gatherings events to remember.

#3: Create a comfortable garden

This is something you need to do if you’re planning on throwing a garden party or two, but your garden can also be an extra social area for those guests looking to get some fresh air should the inside get a little too crowded. 

So, provide comfy tables and chairs and parasols for shade.  For the darker nights and late evening parties, light up the area with exterior lighting. And create a terrace with NewTechWood’s eco decking for eating and social purposes. 

Provide large garden games for some friendly competitions too, and add some outdoor decor that can act as conversation points.  By taking these simple steps, you will be able to use your garden no matter the season, so follow our ideas and continue your research online. 

#4: Provide a play area for the kids

Your guests won’t have to hire babysitters if you have an area for their children to play. So, be it in a spare room or out in the garden, create a space that the young ones will enjoy. Lay down durable flooring, provide toys and games, and add those other items, such as art easels and building sets, that will promote their creativity. They’ll be happy, and your guests will be happy when they can enjoy some time alone away from their kids. 

Let us know what you think, and please share any of your suggestions with us. 

Thanks for reading, and happy socializing!


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