Saving Money on Keeping the House Warm

Saving Money on Keeping the House Warm

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The winter is set to be quite a blistering cold one this year, and you might be spending up a storm of your own with trying to keep your house nice and warm. And whilst there are plenty of gadgets on hand to help you out with such a task, there’s nothing quite like being able to save as much money as possible during one of the most expensive times of the year. 

And so, here are some tips you might want to look into, for the longevity of both your house and your bank account. 

Keep Your Heat at Chest Height

Hot air rises. Because of that, you’re going to have to work to put the heat back down at your level, especially if you live in a single storey house or bungalow. The downstairs level of any home is one that’ll be the coldest out of the entire house, but there are quite a few ways around this. 

Instead of cranking your thermostat up to exponential levels, get a ceiling fan installed. If you already have one in your home, set it to spin slowly in an anti-clockwise motion – this will help to push the hot air back down, and keep it circulating throughout the room. You won’t be noticing too many cold spots after a while. 

Get Your Roof Reinforced

Your roof might need some reinforcing, especially if you haven’t seen to it in quite a few years by now. If you’ve noticed the temperature dropping in the attic, seeing as you’ve been up there recently to get the Christmas decorations down, you might want to have a roofing contractor or similar professional come over to check your structure. After all, a properly laid and sealed roof is one of the best insulations known to man, and it’s something you’ll absolutely want to invest a bit of money in. 

And seeing as the roof works for your home all the year round, if you pay for it to be sorted now, it’ll pay you back tenfold during the spring, summer, and autumn months to come. It’s a lot more cost effective in the long term, rather than try to keep the heating on high and fork hundreds more for it. 

Find The Air Leak Spots in Your Home

And finally, be sure to have a look throughout the entirety of your home, to find where any air is leaking out. Heat escapes through the tiniest of gaps, under and over doors, through improperly sealed windows, etc. It’s important to be aware of any of these problems within your home, to be sure you’re not just throwing away money every single time you put the heating on. Even just investing in a cushioned draft excluder can do wonders for your heating bill over the winter season!

If you want to save money this winter, make checks like this before it truly settles in. Don’t worry, you’ve got some time. 


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