A Clean Home Environment Boosts Your Mood and Health

A Clean Home Environment Boosts Your Mood and Health

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Where do the January flu or blues come from? A lot of people argue that after the excess of the Christmas season – both in terms of food and late nights, the body is naturally weakened and more vulnerable to attacks. While there is no denying that you are more likely to catch a cold when your immune system is affected by tiredness, it would be unfair to pretend that a good night’s sleep could sort everything out. 

Indeed, the most common cause of our January booboos is the fact that we tend to spend more time at home in winter. Is your home unhealthy? Yes and no. Your interior decor can facilitate the spread of germs and even mood swings if you’re not careful. But it doesn’t mean your home is dirty. It’s nothing you can solve with a vacuum cleaner or a mop. But you can create a clean home environment to boost your health – mentally and physically – using simple tricks: 

Purify the air

Your indoor air is polluted. You may not be able to see it with the naked eye, but the air inside your home is filled with toxins that can affect your immune defenses. Chemical products, wall paints, synthetic materials, A/C units, all these things release small particles of dirt and toxins that circulate inside your home. They can aggravate inflammation, lung and sinus diseases, and even depressive disorders. Clearing your indoor air from particles is not an easy task if you don’t have reliable equipment. However, you can purify your air using air cleaning gadgets that filter out toxins and contaminants. Additionally, an indoor garden using green plants can also help with this phenomenon – more about it below. 

Add an extension

How can an extension improve your household health? An extension creates a sensation of space, which immediately makes you feel less cramped at home. Whether you choose to invest in a loft conversion to add a new room without changing the square foot surface, or whether you extend your living room into the garden, it’s up to you. Architects recommend the addition of ground-level rooms over loft conversions, as it allows you to maximize natural light exposure, which is good for your mood. You can work closely with a team of professional builders to design your new room, from electrical wiring to gutter installation. Typically, small extension projects can be completed without a couple of weeks, even with a limited budget. It’s a great time to also carry out any house maintenance that may need doing. On the subject of gutters – an integral part of your home’s water system – they should be cleaned regularly, whether that be by yourself or a professional. Companies like Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Birmingham offer their own services but also include information on their website to get you started if you don’t quite know how to go about it.

Create an indoor garden

We’ve mentioned it before: An indoor garden can do wonders for your health. Plants can help to clean the air of toxic particles. Additionally, their presence increases the oxygen in the room, which allows you to think clearly and relax. The combined action of the oxygen and the sight of your beloved green plants acts as a stress relief. People who keep an indoor garden tend to struggle less with stress and anxiety issues. Besides, it’s fair to say that there’s nothing more satisfying than watching your bulbs grow and turn into beautiful flowers. 

Creating an environment that can look after your health needs to become your top priority this January. You want your home to be not only a place where you can relax but also a space you can trust to protect your immune system and your mental health. Your home sweet home could replace your daily multivitamin pill! 


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