How to Write a Research Paper on Smart Home Technologies

How to Write a Research Paper on Smart Home Technologies

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Technologies simplify our life. It concerns not only digital devices like smartphones, laptops, PC, and smartwatches but also our living environment. Today smart houses do not belong to science fiction anymore. People take delight in every moment spent in a luxurious house full of comfort. No wonder that many colleges ask their students to write papers on smart home technologies. How to do that and get the highest grades?

Step 1. Choose a Good Topic

At first, it might be difficult to select a good theme. That is why students are to read various articles, books, magazines, or newspapers. A topic of the research must intrigue the target audience. For example, ideas for smart home technologies are actual because one can offer something new. These are 5 sample topics for one to consider:

  1. Smart Home Technologies Are Perfect Assistants of People with Dementia
  2. Invisible Threats: How to Secure Smart Home Technologies from Hackers
  3. Smart Home Technologies Keep Us Safe but Worsen Domestic Abuse
  4. Smart Home Technologies: Do You Program It or Vice Versa?
  5. How not to Be Taken in the Toils in Your Own Smart Home

Step 2. Create a Plan

Nothing can be better than to plan and follow the plan. That is why a student should create an outline. Professionals write it to reflect the structure of the future paper, approximate literature required for the successful assignment, time frame, and to take necessary notes. 

Step 3. Start Writing

Each paper must have an introduction part, a body, and a conclusion. One should pay attention to the thesis statement because it is a clue to the paper. Tutors usually read it to learn the content and see if the paper is worthy of reading. A thesis statement must contain not more than 2 sentences or 40 words. It is to be catchy and informative. As a rule, it is a part of the introduction.

Note! A thesis statement must not retell the core of the paper. It must intrigue and make the target audience read the whole paper. 

Sometimes students aim at discovering something unreal and fail to do that. That is why professional writers recommend writing a thesis statement after the whole paper is ready. It will let a researcher formulate it properly and make it captivating because it will be based on the paper data.

An introduction presents the idea of the paper. It makes up to 10% of the whole paper and should have striking facts, statistics, etc.

The function of the body is to develop the idea of the paper presented in the introduction and support it with already known information (investigation of other researchers) and something new (discoveries made by the author of the paper). 

‘Home Management Panel lets users of Smart Home Technologies control lights, security, conditioning, climate control, and other important things’. (the example of the already known information)

A conclusion summarizes everything and suggests ideas for further investigation. 

Step 4. Check the Ready Paper

There are two stages of checking. The first one is to scan the text using apps which help to identify grammar and lexical mistakes like Grammarly. The second one is to proofread it several times. A writer must read it at least twice and there must be someone else (it is better to be a professional editor or a writer) who can point out mistakes or fragments that need improvement. 

Step 5. Make Sure It Is not Plagiarized

Professors and tutors hate when students provide copy-pasted information. Plagiarism is not to be a part of the research paper. Students must be able to paraphrase, analyze, and present a new vision of the problem or idea. One can use free online plagiarism checkers. Students can also scan papers by SEO text analyzers. It will show the density of words, readability, length of sentences, and other important information. 

Step 6. Formatting

Each paper must correspond to some format. It can be MLA, APA, Harvard or Chicago. Each style has its peculiarities and a person must consider all of them and format the paper appropriately. 

Step 7. Literature

It is important to study and cite only reliable sources. These are not to be somebody’s blogs, yellow press or unverified data. Students should rely on encyclopedias, scientific websites, sites of Universities, and other sources like Google Scholar, Jstor, and other trustable websites. 

To Cut a Long Story Short

Sometimes students do not have time to write term papers or take care of formatting and other things. They are ready to ‘pay someone to write my research paper’. Many paper writing services like AdvancedWriters help students write qualitative works and get A. Professionals deal with academic assignments daily and do their job quickly. 



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