How to Update Your Kitchen Without Spending Too Much

How to Update Your Kitchen Without Spending Too Much

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It doesn’t matter whether you want to do your entire kitchen remodel yourself or whether you simply want to make a few changes over the weekend because you have to make sure that you do everything you can to choose projects which will make the biggest impact for the lowest possible price. This will help you to stay focused on the results and it will also help you to avoid spending too much money on jobs which don’t make a difference.

Swap out the Lighting

Stylish pendant lights can quickly become the focal point of the room. If you want to help yourself then try and choose hand-blown glass pendants. This is a very versatile choice and you can buy them for a very affordable price. Another bonus is that they won’t break the bank.

New Hardware

Classic hardware is always a worthwhile upgrade. It subtly enhances the look and the feel of the room and it will also make everything look much better and brighter. If you want to get the best result out of your hardware, then you need to keep an eye on how much you are paying per piece. Everything will add up very quickly and this is especially the case if you have a lot of kitchen cabinets. If you want to help yourself here, then simply count the number of knobs that are in your kitchen so that you can then find out if the hardware you are looking at is going to suit your budget.

Think About Appliances

Now, we know that we said you wouldn’t be spending too much, and to stop this we recommend that you set yourself a budget. It’s not the case that you have to go overboard and spend thousands, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t own at least one luxury appliance. These will give your whole kitchen a brand new feel, and it will feel good to know that there are luxury pieces right behind you. The only thing that you must not do is go over the budget that you have set yourself.

It might be the case that there is a luxury item that you want, and it is a reasonable price, but you can’t afford it right now. If this is the case, then the answer is simple: you need to save up. Having the things you want will make you happy, so go for it.

Upgrade your Accessories

If you have limited accessories available then you need to make sure that you make the most out of the smaller things. Put all of your most-used items on a nice, woven tray and prop up some wooden boards on your counter. If you have some pretty pantry items that have some nice packaging, then put them on display too. If your appliances are sturdy but are in need of repair, then look into sub-zero repair.

Paint your Kitchen

If you know that your kitchen has a very dated finish or if you think that you just need a much more personal touch than white, then you should try and add some colour where possible. Sage green is always a good option, along with duck egg blue. They are very versatile choices that go with almost any material or finish.  If you do this then you will soon see that it is easier than ever for you to get a maximum impact in a very short space of time.

Paint the Cabinets

Why not think about painting half of your cabinets for a very high-contrast look? If you opt for a palette of black and white with metal or wood accents, then this will look very sleek and it will make your kitchen look so much better. Get the look by painting your cabinets at the bottom in one colour and then paint the base of your island in black. When you have done this, paint your upper cabinetry in white. When you do this, you will soon find that everything works brilliantly together and that it gives you the best look overall.

Add some Sconces

Swing-arm sconces that are above open shelving really do provide a great level of ambient light. It offers way more personality when compared to recessed or even track lighting. If you can, try and hire a residential electrician in Geelong to install them for you. When you do, they will then be able to hide the cords.

Rustic Elements

Farmhouse accents are fantastic if you want to add warmth and they also add a good amount of character as well. If you feel as though your kitchen is bland then try and add a sliding barn door, or even choose to hang some copper pots from a nice ceiling rack. This will add a very unique look and it will make your home look more fashionable too.

Simple Shelves

Do you feel as though you are lacking upper cabinetry? Rustic wooden shelves that are on metal brackets are very easy to install and they provide you with a very functional display space. You can store all of your dishes and when you do, they will soon make the space look more homely. Want to take things to that next level? Why not think about putting up some matching shades. This will give you a much more cohesive look and it will make it much easier for you to get a fantastic result and in a very short space of time. Stuck for inspiration? Consider trying to look in magazines, or on Pinterest.


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