Home Trends for 2020

Home Trends for 2020

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Are you tired of your home’s current appearance? If you’re looking for ways to enhance your home in 2020, we have some tips and trends for you to consider. Read on to discover more.

Modern yet rustic furniture pieces – This style of Rowico home furniture is a good reference for this trend. It is incredibly versatile and will enhance the beauty of any home. Although the furniture pieces have a modern style, they are finished off with a rustic edge, which makes them undeniably unique, but in the same sense, it also means that they are versatile, as this furniture can be placed in both modern and conventional homes. This furniture style is particularly popular for those who are looking to brighten up their living area with a classy finish and a stunning two-tone effect. Reclaimed wood and solid timbers are common factors of this trend, which again enhances the blend of contemporary and classic. 

Give your garage a makeover – One part of the home that we tend to overlook the most is the garage. However, a stylish and well-organized garage can really add value to your home. Companies like Andrews Overhead Doors can make sure that your garage doors offer great security while also looking stylish at the same time. 

Add storage without taking up more space – If you are familiar with Skovby furniture, you will know that the brand sells clean, simple furniture, of the highest standard. Thorvald Rasmussen, a cabinetmaker, founded the company in 1933. He created a foundation for functional and sustainable furniture design. In fact, the driving force behind the entire furniture collection is function. Their range of hatches epitomizes this. They boast a classic, stylish design, and they offer exceptional functionality. You can easily stack them on top of a sideboard for an easy and innovative storage solution. This is especially beneficial if you only have a small living room or diving room. You won’t use a lot of floor space, yet it will give you plenty of storage possibilities while also adding to the style of the room, as you can place your ornaments and such like in the glass cabinet. If you want to purchase this type of home furniture, it is important to look for a reputable retailer. The last thing you want to do is end up spending your money on a hatch that is not authentic.

Green makeovers – last but not least, a common theme throughout 2020 is going green. People are looking for different ways that they can give their home an eco-friendly makeover. This includes using certain paints, which give off fewer emissions. People are also making home changes that will save them money and cut down on their energy use overall, for example, switching up their lighting system.

So there you have it: some of the best home trends for 2020. Which one is your favorite? We hope this has given you some inspiration to add some style to your home!


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