7 Ways to Give Your Home An Upgrade

7 Ways to Give Your Home An Upgrade

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You spend a lot of time in your home and want it to be beautiful and comfortable. However, maybe it’s been a while since you did any work to it and are looking for ways to give it a facelift. Focus on what you believe will make the most significant difference and determine in advance what you can do yourself versus what you’ll need a pro to help you with so you can plan accordingly.

Be glad to know there are seven ways you can give your home an upgrade and transform it from dull and boring to spectacular and exciting. If you had any thoughts about moving previously, you might change your mind after you invest some time, energy, and money into your current property. With a few changes, you’ll be on your way to creating the home of your dreams and falling back in love with where you live.

1. Improve the Master Bath

One way to give your home an upgrade is to improve the master bath. It’s an area of the house that you use often, and any potential buyers will want to see. You can expect a return on your investment when you go to sell it one day and in the meantime you can enjoy a spa-like experience in your own home once these upgrades are complete. You may want to consider a bathtub remodel to enhance the comfort and look of your bathroom if your current one is dated. Putting in a new tub and shower can give your master bath an entirely new feel and appearance. Also, you’ll want to upgrade the lighting, old vanities, and replace any dingy or cracked tile.

2. Update the Kitchen

You should also give a lot of attention to your kitchen space when looking for ways to give your home an upgrade. The room gets a lot of foot traffic, and you want to have a functional space to move around in as you cook and entertain. It’s also an excellent area to gather with friends and family, so you want it to be welcoming and attractive. Start by replacing old appliances, adding an island, and switching out old hardware on your cabinets. Organizing and decluttering your kitchen will also help to improve the space, and you’ll discover that it’s easier to get around and find what you’re looking for. Decorate by putting out colorful towels and display canisters filled with fruits such as lemons and limes or other décor such as pasta.

3. Incorporate More Technology

Another way to give your home an upgrade is to incorporate more technology into your property. It’ll make your life easier and can even help you save money in the long run. Smart homes are the way of the future and will help to add value to your house. There are many ways to achieve this goal and options for how you can make your home more technology-friendly. For example, you can install a smart thermostat, enhanced security, and lighting that you can control from your phone, and make upgrades to your entertainment center. There are also robo-tech devices on the market that will help you complete your household chores and keep a cleaner home.

4. Finish the Basement

You may be wasting a lot of space in your home if you’re not taking advantage of the basement area. Therefore, consider giving your home an upgrade by finishing your basement and making more room for you and your family members to spread out. Start by cleaning it out and decluttering the space so that you know what you’re working with and can begin to brainstorm how you may want to use the square footage. Think about what will be most useful for you and your family. For instance, you can design a bedroom, entertaining area, or playroom for your kids to use. It’ll be a wonderful space to retreat to during the summer months when the temperatures rise too. Finishing a basement will add value to your property, give you flex space and an area to entertain guests, and you can even consider collecting rental income from it if you end up adding a bedroom and bathroom.

5. Spruce up the Windows

Your windows may not be getting the attention they deserve in and around your home. Therefore, consider sprucing up your windows to give your home the upgrade it needs. Start by washing your current windows and looking them over for any damage. If they’re old and you notice the air getting in, then you should think about replacing them altogether. Once you have the windows you want or clean them, then you can think about adding new window treatments to them. There are many styles to choose from so decide ahead of time if you want blinds or cellular shades and if you’re going to hang curtains or drapes in certain windows. They’ll look more beautiful and will window treatments help you control airflow and the temperature of your home better.

6. Apply Fresh Paint

Paint is a practical and budget-friendly way to upgrade your home instantly. The right colors can truly bring out the best in your home and make it look brand new. It’s also a project you can take on yourself, depending on how much time and motivation you have. There are many ways to use paint to your advantage when looking to modernize your home inside and out. For example, you can paint an accent wall, lighten up dark spaces, and paint wood trim white to help you accomplish this goal. Be sure to bring paint samples home so you can ensure the colors you choose are the right selections before you begin your project. As for the exterior, you can paint your deck or patio and choose a bright and lively color for the outside of your front door.

7. Enhance Your Curb Appeal

It’s also essential that you step outside and evaluate your home from the exterior. Look for what changes you can make that will enhance your curb appeal and help your home to stand out in a positive light. Think about installing new shutters, replacing an old mailbox, and updating your landscaping. Also, a new garage door can do wonders for helping your house to look a lot more modern and attractive from the outside. At the very minimum, keep up with your yard work and trimming and clean up your driveway and front porch so that your house looks more attractive and inviting. Add colorful plants and décor to your front porch so that people feel welcome when entering your home. Maintain the outside of your property as well as you do the inside, and you’ll be much more satisfied with your home.  

8. Upgrade Your Deck

If your home has a deck, it would also be a good idea to upgrade that part.  You can use this area for sunny days and warm afternoons to relax and enjoy some quality time with your family and friends. Sprucing up the space does not have to be expensive. You can select simple but tasteful deck chairs so you can have something to lounge in. You can even consider adding barbecue equipment and have a dining table with matching chairs outside if you have enough space.

Of course, you need to add some cost-effective, stylish solar post lights to enjoy the cool night air out on your deck. These provide soft illumination, and you do not have to think about clicking the switch to light them up. They will automatically lighten up the deck as soon as the sun goes down.

You should now have some helpful tips and ideas for ways you can give your home an upgrade. Start by thinking about what projects are a top priority for you and your family and then create a budget and timeline for completing each one. With a little hard work and dedication to improving your property, you’ll have a brand new look and feel that you can sit back and enjoy. It’ll help to look over blogs and websites and tour other properties so that you can get a better feel for design ideas and upgrades that you like the most. Be sure to take before and after pictures so that you can see what a difference your hard work makes and so that you stay motivated to continue working on your property in the future.




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