Easy Home Maintenance Checklist

Easy Home Maintenance Checklist

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The key to a safe and healthy home environment is home maintenance. When a home is kept in good repair and clean, it is less likely to develop problems in the future that could turn it into an unhealthy environment. 

Home maintenance doesn’t need to be complicated or difficult either; let’s have a look at some of the ways you can quickly look after your home below: 

Watch Your House 

You need to observe your house over time. You should be keeping your eye on things like sagging or cracked foundations, high-stressed windows and doors, the trim around your chimney, water that collects near the house, floors that are unstable or soft, signs of mould and more. If you’re worried about anything like this is a good idea to arrange a home inspection

Control The Dust 

Dust can be a severe health hazard. It contains things that can aggravate asthma and cause allergies, but it can also contain harmful chemicals from the use of things like pesticides in the home. When you dust, you should use a damp cloth; this way, the dust will adhere to the fabric. If you have rugs, then you should make sure these get washed regularly. 

Vacuum Your Floors Often 

Realistically you shouldn’t vacuum your carpets less than twice a week. It will help to remove dust, pet dander, dirt, fur, and other items that could be harmful. When you vacuum, make sure you make an effort to hoover under objects in your home. If you want to keep the dirt levels to a minimum, remove shoes before you enter your home and keep track of anything that has been walked in. 

Keep On Top Of The Windows And Walls 

Both of these areas can be a source of health problems if they’re not looked after properly. Make sure you include repairing and inspecting these areas in your spring and autumn home checklists. Put a stop to drafts and remove any excess moisture. A top tip to help with this is to repair and replace caulking around your doors and windows

Keep Any Air Filters Clean

Often an overlooked area of home maintenance is the house air filtration system. Having clogged or dirty air filters can lead to damage to air conditioning systems, or at times, fire or breakdown. If you have filters in portable air filtration systems, be aware that they are also vulnerable and can become dirty or clogged. If you have clean air filters, you are helping to reduce the pollution that is your home’s air. Changing the filters and keeping them clean is easy and doesn’t take long to complete. Some you can remove, shake and this is enough to clean them others need to be washed. Make sure you do this outside rather than allowing the dust to circulate in your home. 

These five areas are really simple and easy to keep on top of. Make sure you add them to your home maintenance checklist. Is there anything that you regularly add to your list? Please share some of them in the comments below. 


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