REVIEW: MoonShade Awning (Plus $30 Off!)

REVIEW: MoonShade Awning (Plus $30 Off!)

Made for the shade.

Disclaimer: The folks at MoonFab generously supplied the MoonShade for this review. As always, my opinions are honest and my own.

Our family has spent a ton of time outside during the pandemic, from camping and kayaking to hiking and hanging out in every local park. I love spending time outside, but if one thing has become clear in my life, it’s that outside (and particularly the sun) doesn’t love spending time with me. I get sunburns on even the most overcast days, so I’ve spent months researching the best portable awning that could provide some shade for our family no matter where we’re at.¬†This awning would be perfect for RV Camping with the family.

I stumbled across the MoonShade on Instagram one day, and was immediately excited about a lightweight shade that doesn’t need to be permanently mounted to a car, and doesn’t weigh as much as one of our kids. The folks at MoonShade kindly sent one over for us to check out this summer, and you can get our full review in the video below.

Enter Code “ATHOME” During Checkout for $30 OFF Your Own MoonShade!

Video Review


Here are a few additional photos from our review to get a better look at what MoonShade comes with, and how it works:


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