5 Actionable Ways to set up a Productive Home Office in Miami

5 Actionable Ways to set up a Productive Home Office in Miami

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Like the rest of the World, the COVID Pandemic has pushed a vast majority of the American workforce to work from home. This has led to an increased need to create a home office space that is both versatile and useful. 

It doesn’t matter whether you own a small sea-facing condo on Miami Beach or a luxury mansion with spacious interiors, this guide will list out important elements of a home office so that you can set one for yourself!

Element #1: Your Office Desk

Your desk is the true centerpiece of your productive home office. It is the place where you get most of your job done, or maybe trade stocks. Your ideal desk should intertwine attention to detail & ease of use with beauty and form. Moreover, it should accommodate all of your paperwork and electronics. 

Tip: the dimensions of your desk should fit your needs and height. Before purchasing one, check if various factors like your seat height, elbow height range, and distance between your eyes and screen are fairly comfortable.

However, no formula is precise unless you check out the desk yourself. Try out several desks until you find the one that feels comfortable and looks impeccable. 

Element #2: Your Office Chair

You spend 10-12 hours a day doing your work; therefore, your office chair should provide essential support from underneath and behind. Choose a chair that’s made with fine material like Italian leather that will last long & and is perfectly upholstered to give you sheer comfort. 

Many office chairs in the market embrace comfort and luxury in their truest form while having modern mechanisms like adjustable seat height, depth, pan angle and lumbar support, as well as backrest height, angle, and armrests. Without such features, you will end up stressing your spine, neck, and back. 

An ergonomic office chair will also help you maintain a good posture. 

Element #3: Your Desktop/Laptop

If you’re someone who spends several hours every day on their computer, you need to pay close attention to your Computer’s monitor height and keyboard positioning. 

Why? Because they can affect your posture and eyes. 

Always ensure that your keyboard is positioned towards your lap so that your shoulders aren’t strained and your arms form a right angle or greater – for a better posture. 

Also, your monitor should be placed at an arm’s length (16-28″, depending on your height) away. Make these small changes to the Computer setup of your home office to experience more productive working hours.  

Element #4: Sound and Lighting

Set up your home office in such a way that the windows of your home let in the natural light. Your artificial lighting should be bright enough to see clearly, but not too bright to dazzle you.

As for sound, set up your office that experiences minimal background noise. Having a solid office door goes a long way in reducing distractions. If you feel the need for additional sound reduction, you can consider investing in a white noise machine to help you focus better. 

Element #5: Smells that boost performance

Keep your office fresh and clean. A messy, cluttery office lessens your productivity, without you even knowing. 

If you want to stay mentally fresh, a diffuser can help. It emits your favorite refreshing scent to uplift and invigorate, and keeps you active. A peppermint based essential oil can be a good option. 

Wrapping Up

Italian furniture is known for its clean architecture and satisfying level of attention to detail. 

Since you’ll spend most of your time on your desk and chair, you should consider getting them from Anima Domus, a company that is specialized in  Italian furniture in Miami

We hope that the elements discussed in this article will enable you to set up a productive home office quickly. For more information about the home or office space check real estate in Miami for any kind of help.


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