Best Guide for Mattress Hunting

Best Guide for Mattress Hunting

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If you are on the lookout for a new mattress, it has never been easier because all mattress companies are trying to compete. There has been a big jump in “mattress in a box” businesses and many people are going this way simply because doing it this way, there are no in store visits, you do not have to deal with those pesky salespeople who are just looking for a commission on the sale. But most importantly you can take your time while you’re shopping and you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

As with basically everything, everyone has a different opinion or has different likes and dislikes when it comes to mattresses. So, when you and your partner are deciding which mattress to get it can be difficult to come to a common understanding.You add to this, the current state of the world that is now dealing with the Covid pandemic so more and more people are doing their shopping online because they can not go out or because they do not want to go out. That is why more and more companies are taking their stores online and their sales are skyrocketing.

That is why I have put together this little article, so it can assist you with finding the perfect mattress for you and your partner without having to leave the house with a few little tips.

Types of mattresses

First, there are many different types of mattresses that include the foam and hybrid types. With nearly all the beds in a box business, this is the one that they generally sell a lot of. It can disperse your body’s weight across the mattress so that you do not get a sore back or sore neck etc. Also having a memory foam mattress will limit the amount of movement that occurs in bed for your partner when you turn over or move into a more comfortable position. The hybrid mattress is a combination of two materials, pocket springs and foam. Because of the springs, it generally has more of a bounce effect when you lay on it and are normally a lot steadier than foam ones and this better suits people who are heavier than normal.

There are some key differences with memory foam mattresses and Latex mattresses. With the memory foam it reacts to your body temperature and will essentially make a shape of your body to help ease any aches and pains you have. Whereas a latex mattress is a different material and it is made to be breathable so you do not get too hot while you sleep and it will last you longer than a memory foam mattress.

Have a look at the different prices

Now when I say this, I mean have a look at ALL the different mattresses that are available to you. If you want to get a cheap mattress then there is a fair chance that it will not be of the highest quality. As a rule, a price of around $1000 will get you the best of both worlds, a decent quality mattress and will not blow your budget. Also consider the size of the bed you want too. As the bigger the bed (queen, king) the more expensive it will be compared to a single or double bed. Also keep in mind that just because a bed costs more does not necessarily mean that it is one of the best quality than cheaper ones but it can certainly give you a good clue as to what to expect for that type of money.

Take in account the size you want

This is usually something that is second nature, but it is important to think about. Mainly because you want your bed to fit inside your bedroom for one but also one that gives you enough room while sleeping and gives your partner enough room too. If you are unsure and you want exact measurements, you can visit Sleepify for all the information regarding mattresses you need.

What type of feel do you want?

Now what I mean by this is do you want a mattress that is firm? Because it can keep you in the same position for the duration of your sleep and if you have a bad back like me this can be less than ideal. Or do you want a soft mattress? If you are like my wife and move around a lot during the night, then this could be the one for you. As it moulds around your body and helps support your back.

Ultimately the decision is up to you and your partner as to which type of mattress you decide to get. Do your proper research, test them out so you can make the best choice for your new mattress. We hope this little article of advice proves beneficial for you in searching and purchasing your new mattress.


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