5 Ways to Make Your Home More Peaceful

5 Ways to Make Your Home More Peaceful

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A home is a place where we go to after a long day at work, it is not a mere concoction of walls, windows, and furniture, but a private oasis where we get to unwind, relax and recharge our batteries. If you feel like your place has the opposite effect and is draining you, it is time to make some changes. Your home should nurture and support you, and if it doesn’t, something is not right.

In order to turn your place into your sanctuary, you need to pay attention to several things, from the colours that surround you, to the way light waltzes into your living room. If you wish to turn your home into a peaceful retreat, here are several ways you can achieve your goal.

Wall Colour Can Do Wonders For Your Inner Peace

It is a known fact that colours can affect your mood, so grab a brush and paint your walls into a desired colour. In order to achieve a feeling of peace and serenity, opt for white or beige, colours that give any room a touch of elegance and can help you get clarity of your thoughts. If, on the other hand, you prefer less neutral colour schemes it is recommendable that you stick to cool shades. Blue and green are colours that symbolize nature and therefore are comforting and possess a tremendous power to manage stress. Grey is also a great option since it can create a relaxing atmosphere.

Go Green

After a stressful day or week, people often go to the local park, botanical garden or even a forest in order to unwind and immerse themselves in nature. It is hard to ignore the positive effect nature has on us, so why not bring a piece of nature into your home? A couple of plants here and there will not only add a finishing touch to your design scheme but will also eliminate toxins from your house. If you manage to kill a cactus, opt for plants that require very little maintenance.

Opt For Natural Textures

It is in our blood to be attracted to nature’s beauty. If houseplants are not for you, even the low maintenance ones, implement the charming beauty of nature into your home by enriching it with pieces made from natural materials. You can get a wooden coffee table, a blanket made of wool, or even an interesting lamp made of a hand-carved animal skull. If this unique piece is something completely to your taste, click here to find out more about the ancient art of traditional Balinese skull carvings.

Get Rid Of The Clutter

Nothing can cause a feeling of distress like searching for your wallet or car keys when you are already late for work. In order to avoid such scenes you need to keep your home organized and get rid of the clutter. Throw away or donate things you haven’t used in ages and are not planning to use anytime soon, and you will feel the tension leaving your home along with them. Organize what is left in baskets, jars, or boxes, so you always know where to look for your personal items.

Invite Natural Light In

There are so many health benefits of natural light. Apart from boosting vitamin D levels and improving sleep, a naturally lit room can improve your mood, and help you be more productive, happier, and calmer. If you are one of the lucky homeowners with large windows or balcony doors, invite the light in by removing heavy curtains that completely block out the sun. If your home has a small number of windows, help light bounce around a room with reflective surfaces such as mirrors. With strategically placed mirrors you can double the amount of natural light in your room.

With these simple tips, you can create a peaceful home where you will be able to relax and de-stress after a long day.


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