Trends in Tech to Watch Out For

Trends in Tech to Watch Out For

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Keeping up with trends in markets like tech is very important to maintaining your entrepreneurial edge. People like Bill Malloy San Diego become successful entrepreneurs because they watch for trends and potential disruptions. Before you decide where you want to put your money as an investor, here are a few trends you should watch out for in the tech industry.

Consuming Virtual Media

A considerable number of consumers are subscribing to virtual and cloud gaming services. They are also watching more sports on virtual platforms. This trend towards gaming and streaming is especially prevalent among younger consumers. Young people today rank video games as one of their three most frequent activities. There is a ton of opportunity to look for innovations in tech that will expand this virtual playground even further. Technology like virtual reality is changing the way many people play video games now. There could be even bigger things down the road for this form of entertainment too.

Wearable Technology

Wearable smart devices are steadily changing how people go about daily activities. It’s like having a new assistant that’s even more accessible than your smartphone. An example of how wearable devices are changing people’s habits is through exercise. People can run outside or on a treadmill and track their calories, steps taken and more. This makes it easier for a whole generation of people to be more accountable for stuff that was largely abstract a few years prior. Another changing habit is at-home exercise. The advent of streaming combined with wearable technology has allowed people to workout from home and host competitions with their workout buddies from a distance. Technology changing the way people think about activities is full of opportunities and surprises.

Creative AI

You no doubt hear about AI innovating machine capabilities in fields like medicine, manufacturing and R&D. However, what you don’t know is that it’s also opening new doors in creativity. Paintings completely made by AI exist! There is no intention to replace man-made creativity; instead, it’s meant to enhance it. Using AI can allow artists like painters and sculptors to design and create new pieces that bring out even more creative innovations than ever before. Art and creativity can demonstrate the collaborative power of humans and AI in ways that other fields couldn’t. Architecture, for example, can benefit from the use of Artificial Intelligence to bridge the gap between an architect’s imagination and what’s feasible.


Technology is making the world smaller. One benefit of that is how digital technology can play a role in improving healthcare services around the world. Improving communication systems between researchers, doctors and hospitals is integral to innovation in health. Sending data between each other in real-time allows professionals to quickly discuss and improve strategies and technologies.

Technology constantly creates new trends and disruptions to the status quo. Your job as an entrepreneur and investor is to be watchful and see where you should invest your money to support the future’s next big innovation.


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