What Are the Best Pieces of Tech for Home Security?

What Are the Best Pieces of Tech for Home Security?


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There are over 1.5 million burglaries in the US every year, so it’s no wonder that people are concerned about the security of their homes and are constantly looking for ways to improve it. Tech companies have taken notice of this issue too, and have put plenty of time and money into developing some useful technology that anyone who wants to keep their home secure might be able to benefit from. Read on to find out what some of the best ones are and how they can be used so that your home can be as safe and secure as possible. 

 Smart Locks 

Smart locks are fantastic pieces of technology that can make a difference to how safe and secure your property is, and if you are searching for somewhere to live and you see that smart locks are installed, they might even help you decide how to choose a home; they really are that impressive. 

Smart locks are electronic devices that are often connected to smartphone apps, allowing you to have complete control over your locks no matter where you happen to be. Some are solely controlled by the phone or other devices using wifi, and some also have keypads. The keypads are helpful as it means that you can pass the code onto anyone who needs it – a pet sitter or friend who is checking on your property, for example – or if you forget your phone, have no wifi, or your battery has depleted. 

Smart Lights 

If you think that everything seems smart these days, you might be right – but if smart devices are the way to ensure your home is kept secure, then it is a good thing. Take smart lights, for example. You can use them to make your home look as though it is occupied, deterring anyone who might consider trying to break in. 

Unlike older light timers which, although useful, could be detected by would-be burglars because they always came on and went off at the same time, you can set smart lights to go on and off at different times, and you can control them remotely if you prefer. 

Motorized Blinds 

Once again, we’re looking at the way technology can help to deter a burglar, and once again, we’re using the method of making them think you’re at home or that you might be at home – it’s unlikely they will want to check for sure when there is a high chance of them being caught, and when there are other, more accessible properties they can break into instead – properties without any tech linked to them, for example. 

Motorized blinds that can be set on a timer or controlled through an app are ideal for this very reason. When you’re away from home, you would typically need to choose whether to leave your blinds open or closed, and neither looks particularly realistic. If you can control when the blinds – or curtains if you prefer – are drawn, you’ll find your home is much more secure. 


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