Unique Gifts for Music Lovers

Unique Gifts for Music Lovers

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Being friends with a self-proclaimed music lover can leave you feeling anxious when it comes to buying them a gift that encapsulates their love for music. Why is this, exactly? Well, there’s the intense pressure of not finding the right gift for them or accidentally gifting them something that doesn’t match their musical tastes or even presenting them with the wrong band merch entirely. You can always avoid this by making sure that you do your research beforehand and ensuring that you know what type of music that they enjoy as well as their favorite bands.

The best way to figure this out is to ask them who they are listening to (when they are listening to music, of course), but also by keeping an eye out for which bands pop up on their Spotify (if they have Spotify). Click on their Spotify profile and take a look at their playlists and who they have recently listened to the most.

Unsure on which gifts would go down well for the audiophile in your life? Here are a few unique and stylish gifts for you to consider.

Designer Speakers or Designer Headphones

Combine fashion and the latest trends with their love for music by gifting them with designer speaker systems or even designer headphones. If you are unsure on which would be more well-received, take the time to see whether they are more likely to listen to their music at home and out loud or if they prefer listening to their favorite artists on the move and through their headphones. Once you know what their preferences are, take a look at the speakers and headphones that are currently well-received on the market.

There is a large selection to choose from, such as the reliable and popular BANG & OLUFSEN designer speaker system that is compatible with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi streaming. Not only do these designer speakers look sleek and sexy, but they are also incredibly functional and produce great audio.

Airpods Case

Airpods are not only incredibly functional and have proven to be a popular way of listening to music, but they also look aesthetically pleasing with their sleek design that encapsulates Apple’s smooth and simplistic trademark when it comes to their electronic devices. People tend to wear their Airpods even when not using them, as it can become a fashion statement.

Why not consider gifting your loved one with a stylish but also functional Airpods case that suits their fashion style. Most major labels now offer their own style of Airpods case, so all you have to do is search online for the one that perfectly encapsulates their personality. Major fashion brands such as GUCCI and Saint Laurent have a line of Airpods cases, but you could also look further afield for ones that are less expensive but just as cute.

Record Player

Does your loved one enjoy listening to vinyl but lack the equipment to listen to their favorite records? If so, why not consider buying them a record player? Nowadays, there are record players on offer for a variety of prices, so assess your budget and then take a look for the perfect record player for your music lover.

Depending on their lifestyle, and whether they love being on the move, you could buy them a portable turntable so that they can take the device from room to room or even use it outside. These types of turntables are usually visually stunning, too.

Concert Tickets

Live music may still be hit and miss with the current climate, but with talks of concerts being able to make a return this year (with regulations in place), why not buy your music-loving friend or family member a concert ticket to see one of their favorite bands? On the other hand, if you are unsure as to who they would like to see live or when concerts are going to be completely safe again, you could always buy them a voucher for common and popular concert ticket companies such as Ticketmaster.

Unsure as to what is happening within the music scene and concert? Click here for all the rescheduled concert dates so far.

Artwork of Their Favorite Band, Artist, or Song

Most of us have a favorite band, artist, or even song, so why not find or commission a piece of artwork that allows you to present your loved one with a gift that encapsulates this? For instance, there are artists out there who will take a song and create a soundwave that is visually stunning and colorful. This can be a perfect wall hanging and become a focal point within their home.

Shopping for your loved one does not have to be a tedious task. Rather, it can be very enjoyable. The best way to ensure that you are buying your loved one something that they truly enjoy is take stock of who their favorite band is and start from there.


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