Effective Solutions To Improve The Air Quality Inside Your House

Effective Solutions To Improve The Air Quality Inside Your House

During the summertime, most of us wish to spend more of our time outside, but being realistic about the season’s heat and humidity leaves us with the option of spending more time indoors. And while poor air quality combines with a smoggy day, exhausts from cars, and industrial fumes, it turns out that our indoor air quality is just as bad as the air quality we encounter outdoors. 

On average, some individuals spend over 75% of their total time indoors, where the presence of certain pollutants is four times higher than outdoor concentration. When this reality is being considered, the only thing that will make sense is to install the air purification system from coway-usa.com to improve the indoor air quality of our homes which is extremely vital for you and your family. To achieve this, let’s go through 4 effective solutions to improve the air quality inside your house. 

Install A Whole Home Air Purifier

In most cases, the root of bad air quality in our house could be from our central heating and air conditioning system, mostly if the ducts are dirty or the presence of mold. However, an HVAC system could improve your home’s air quality through the installation of a whole-home air purifier. 

Whole-home air purifiers can reduce dust, pollen, and dander. By getting rid of these pollutants, you can prevent allergies. These purifiers from Afresherhome.com can also get rid of viruses and bacteria and all other potential hazards for the safety of your house. They also help in the reduction of odors and chemical emissions. You’ll be able to enjoy fresher air in your house by getting rid of compounds that might trigger an odor. 

A whole-home air purifier might be less expensive than you think it is and offers real advantages in promoting the air quality of your house. 

Keep Your Filters Clean

Despite not installing a whole-home air purifier, your present HVAC system could help keep your air cleaner than you imagined. If you are behind in changing your air filters regularly, you should consider starting to do so, and investing in a higher quality air filter can make a huge impact as well. 

Always remember to never overlook the other air filters in your house too! If the bag in your vacuum cleaner hasn’t been changed recently, consider upgrading to HEPA quality bags to minimize dust. In addition, ensure that all filters and other various equipment are regularly changed. 

Clean Your Ducts

A major source of pollution is found inside your house, which is your HVAC system ducts. Your ducts can be a place for dust, dirt, dander, droppings, molds, etc. If your house is old enough, look into how many years your air ducts have held these pollutants and distributed them throughout the space of your house. 

A smart recommendation is to thoroughly and professionally clean the HVAC ducts of your house regularly. After it’s been thoroughly cleaned, it doesn’t just minimize pollutants in your house. It also makes way for easy distribution of air, reduces the unnecessary load on your system, and saves you from higher costs in the long run. 

Make House Cleaning A Regular Part Of Your Routine

Don’t expect much to be done when you invest in air purifiers for your house if you have no time to ensure that it’s clean. Allergens such as dander and dust will eventually settle on the floorboards of your house, on your carpets, and upon surfaces. 

The best remedy to this is just a simple thing to be done, by cleaning the normal old-fashioned way. Ensure you vacuum and mop your floors regularly, using a good vacuum cleaner and light cleaning solutions. Also, clean furniture as well. Mapping out a regular cleaning schedule should help get rid of pollutants from your house and make way for improved air quality. 

Your house is considered to be your refuge away from various challenges we go through these days. So you have to ensure that it’s healthy enough for you and your family members. By adapting to cleaning habits and making some improvements in your HVAC system, a lot could be done to make this happen. 

Improving the indoor air quality of your house can be clear and less expensive. Making way for proper ventilation and regulating the source of pollutants by getting rid of them can go a long way in improving the air quality of your house. Air cleaners help minimize air pollution, and indoor air quality regulators can help regulate VOC levels. Ensure your house is being tested for radon and always keep a functioning CO monitor. Consider getting a professional for certain issues or for getting rid of contaminants if necessary. 


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