Learn How To Make These Refreshing Iced Coffees For Your Family This Summer

Learn How To Make These Refreshing Iced Coffees For Your Family This Summer

Summertime is just around the corner, and everyone is getting their ice-making machines, slush machines, and extra freezers out of the garage. But don’t be so quick to stash away your coffee machines as we have a few really great iced coffee ideas that are going to be a refreshing, cool, and energizing drink on any hot day.

Unless you enjoy spending a lot of money on coffee from the store, make just-as-good, if not better, coffee at home for a fraction of the price. Moreover, it’s a wonderful chilled solution that’s far healthier than a soda. So, before you go to the store and buy a crate of your favorite carbonated drinks, have a look at our recipes. You might be tempted to get some coffee and a dolce gusto coffee machine for the summer.

Easy Iced Cappuccino

This is so easy and quick to put together you will find yourself making this every time you need a drink. If you are worried about the health benefits or drawbacks, don’t worry. In terms of bioactive compounds, nutrients, and minerals, cold coffee is exactly the same as hot coffee. The only thing you need to watch out for are the calories because people tend to drink cold coffee in larger volumes than hot coffee.


  • Instant coffee, 2 tsp
  • Sugar, as much as you like
  • Warm water, 2 tbsp
  • Cold milk, 280 ml


  1.   In an air-tight jar or a bottle, throw in the 2 teaspoons of coffee granules, sugar, and warm water. Close the lid, and shake this vigorously till the dark liquid becomes a light-colored and foamy, frothy consistency.
  2.   Pour this into a glass full of ice, and add the cold milk. Adjust sugar to suit your taste.

That’s all there is to it. Enjoy.

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

This recipe is also super easy, but it takes some preparation beforehand, and some equipment. Nitro cold brew coffee is about infusing nitrogen oxide into your coffee for a much creamier and smoother tasting coffee that you can drink by the pint. If you are new to nitro coffee and don’t own nitro cold brew equipment, that’s no problem. You can get by with a whipped cream dispenser.

Nitro cold brew coffee has a two-step process. First, make the coffee concentrate, and then using the concentrate you will make the actual beverage.

For the coffee concentrate:


  • Whipped cream dispenser
  • 250 grams of coarse coffee beans
  • 4 cups of water
  • 4 N2O cartridges


  1.   Add the coffee beans and water into the cream dispenser and seal tight
  2.   Charge the dispenser with 2 of the N2O cartridges, shake for 30 seconds, let it rest for 5 minutes, and then slowly discharge.
  3.   Once discharged, repeat the process with the remaining 2 cartridges, but this time let it rest for an hour after the 30-second shake before you discharge it.
  4.   After it’s rested and discharged, open the dispenser and filter out the coffee concentrate into a jar or bottle.

For the coffee:


  1.   Add equal parts of the coffee concentrate you made earlier and cold water into the dispenser and charge it with 1 cartridge of N2O. Let it rest for 30 seconds, discharge, and open the dispenser
  2.   Fill a glass with ice and pour over the coffee from the dispenser. Enjoy

Blended Ice-Coffee

This is a quick cup of coffee with minimal cleaning required afterward.


  • 1 tbsp instant coffee
  • Sugar to taste
  • Ice
  • 500ml full cream milk


  1.   In a blender, combine the coffee sugar and some warm water and blend until it’s golden brown and frothy
  2.   Add the ice (use less ice if you want it thick) and milk, and blend again to mix.
  3.   Serve cold and enjoy

Note: If you don’t like dairy or want to keep the calories down, you can replace milk with water.

Pro-tip: If you’d like an even creamier taste, throw in a spoon of coffee ice cream to the blend, vanilla works great too.

Making yourself a cup of coffee doesn’t have to be a cumbersome chore. With some simple everyday ingredients, you can make yourself a delicious cup of cold coffee. If you want to go the extra mile, consider investing in a proper nitro setup for your coffee. This way, the nitrous will work to its full potential, and you get the full flavor, plus the charged coffee concentrate will last longer.


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