How to Maximize the Space in Your Home

How to Maximize the Space in Your Home

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Most of us have a lot of ‘stuff’, and not enough space to put it. In some cases, that’s because we live in small properties, and in others, it’s because the homes we live in have little storage, even if they are a reasonable size. 

So that our homes don’t become completely cluttered and full and therefore extremely uncomfortable places to live in, it’s best to try to maximize whatever space we do have to allow for more freedom and more peace of mind. Living in a cluttered space can lead to anxiety and stress, even if you’re not aware that it’s happening or you don’t feel particularly worried about the clutter on a conscious level. With that in mind, read on to discover some of the ways you can maximize the space in your home. 

Store Upwards 

One of the best ways you can make a lot more use of your space is to store upwards. This means you can use the blank walls that would otherwise go to waste, and it also means that you will be keeping your floors free, enabling you to move much more freely around your home. 

Storing upwards means installing shelves, for example, or hanging things from hooks. It might take a little while to get used to things being above your head, but it’s the ideal solution for when there isn’t a lot of floor space. Of course, if you also don’t have a lot of wall space, this idea won’t necessarily work for you because your room will feel much more enclosed. It is something that you’ll need to determine for yourself whether or not to do, but if you can, it can be an elegant solution. 

Think About Micro-Extensions 

You might be lucky enough to have space to spare outside, and in that case, if your budget will allow it and you don’t mind the mess for a few weeks, then an extension will be helpful. By adding another room to your home, you give yourself a lot more space, and you’ll be less cluttered throughout. 

Not everyone will have this space or the funds to make these more extensive changes, however, but that doesn’t mean a micro-extension isn’t possible. One example of a micro-extension is to add a porch to your front door. Although small, this will give you an added space to store shoes and coats. Or perhaps you have a sloped ceiling that you can change to become storage. Or maybe you are looking at new patios for your yard, and you decide to extend the back of your home to incorporate the paving. These changes will be far less expensive than an entirely new room or rooms, but can make a big difference. 

Double Up On Furniture Use 

Everyone will need furniture in their homes, and since this is the case, why not invest in furniture that doubles up as storage? In this way, you’re not just making your home a comfortable place to relax in, eat in, sleep in, and work in, you’re making a comfortable place to be altogether because there is a lot less clutter around you. 

Adaptable furniture wasn’t always easy to find in the past, and there wasn’t a great deal of choice. However, now that so many people want to keep their homes much neater and space is becoming more and more of a premium, these pieces of furniture that double up as storage are ideal, and there is plenty of choice. 


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