Can You Live In A House During Foundation Repair?

Can You Live In A House During Foundation Repair?

Repairs are a must when it comes to maintaining a house and preventing any disintegration over time. We all had a time in our lives when the house needed proper repairing. But, how many of us shrugged the need away just because we thought it would be too inconvenient? Finding a new temporary place to stay, relocating all furniture, and wrapping delicate items all sounds like a hassle.

Many homeowners often wonder if they can keep living in their house while it’s getting repaired. They prefer to stay in familiar territory while still supervising the work going on. But in reality, how simple or difficult it is, only the person going through it knows.

The repair process

Deciding whether or not to stay at home during the repair process of the foundation requires thinking and consideration of many factors. However, understanding what the process entails can help one decide what to choose better. Yes, foundation repairs are a big deal, but it’s best to prepare yourself with what to expect.

Usually, most of the home foundations can be restored using piers which bring the foundation back to its original level. This makes the concrete slab stable and prevents movement in the future that is caused by shifting soil. This is then followed by tunnels dug underneath the home, which run under the slab at intervals from one end to the other. This allows renovators access to all interior foundation beams.

If one has A/Cs installed, its pads need to be lifted, which means all A/C connections need to be lifted. This allows the uncovered connections to move freely. Once the repair is done, the connections are covered in soil back.

Some areas of concrete or asphalt-like garages or driveways have a breakout either on their own or on purpose to reach the foundation beams. These breakouts need repair after the lift.

People often picture house foundation repairs to cause tearing up one’s entire backyard and dirt piles around. This is far from true. The process usually takes a day to complete and may take more time depending on how severe the damage is. However, disruption to one’s normal routine is quite minimal.

Deciding to leave

It may be perfectly okay to stay inside the comfort of one’s house; some people may choose to leave while restoring the house is happening. Ideally, as a courteous neighbor, one should inform other neighbors about the vibrations and noise caused by the machinery.

When it comes to leaving, many people try to find a nearby place, a friend, even a family member because who else will come in handy in times of need. However, when you decide to leave, remember it is a temporary shift to take enough supplies, clothes, and accessories along, so it doesn’t bother you with frequent visits to the repair site.

Often many people give up on this idea because they are afraid of getting robbed. This is a fair point, but repairs are important; it also depends on the types of repairs and maximum level of repairs you are planning. Because if it is restricted to one room or just the roof, you can still live your daily life as the repairs take place.

Is it safe to live in a house during foundation repairs?

Many homeowners have misconceptions about foundation repairs being disastrous or may knock off items due to vibrations. In reality, there are little to no vibrations during installation, and the only disturbance may be from small machinery.

Although your foundation is being lifted, it moves very slowly and may not cause a disturbance. Contractors are extensively trained to handle and install foundation repair products. For your basement waterproofing needs in Baltimore, try this

Contractors are insured and certified. They maintain all safety protocols for foundation repairs. While some situations may seem more dangerous than others, rest assured, installers are highly trained.

Choosing to undergo foundation repairs for your house is a big decision, and many things need to be considered, including cost. In addition, the need for relocation is something that differs from person to person, and one should be cognizant while deciding terms of the amount of disturbance one can bear and personal preference of staying at home or not during repair work.

Nevertheless, repairing the foundation is paramount to ensure that the construction is steady and is a good long-term investment. If you suspect that your property needs foundation repair around Texas, check out Fort Worth foundation repair company.

Prepping your house for repairs

If you have decided not to leave the house while the repairs take place, then you should be ready for some noise, some extra people around the house, and a little extra claiming. When it comes to preparation for repairs, many things should be considered;

  1. Carpets, drapes, curtains, sofas, and other fabric-covered areas will get dusty and dirty. That is why it is better to cover them with sheets and take the extra measure of removing the curtains.
  2. Remove any decoration piece you have on shelves, racks, or tables, remove all photo frames from the walls, and carefully take them off if any paintings are hanging. Because as the repairs start, it will get dusty in here, and due to machine vibrations, you might break something precious.
  3. No matter how many people you are in the house, for a while, it is better to make one room fully functional, and if you have fewer repairs going on, you can use another room. But it is better to have one room in focus throughout the repairing phase.
  4. Keep everything under lock and key. For example, if your repairs are in the master bedroom or an important room of the house, be sure to keep it under supervision at all times.
  5. Keep minimal cutlery and plates for use. Sometimes during repairs, your water supply might be on hold. It does get you in trouble, but a safe way around is to have buckets of water already kept filled. Also, it is suggested to use disposable plates and glasses if repairs are all over the house. It will only become an obstacle for the contractor who has to keep the plates safe as well.
  6. There might be plenty of noise, so ask for daytime repairs.


Home repairs are a must, and you cannot avoid them for long. It is only a few days of inconvenience, but you just have to live through it with a little improvisation. But if you are asking can you live in your house during a foundation repair, the simple answer is yes.


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