Give Your Backyard A Fairytale Look With These Awesome Trends 

Give Your Backyard A Fairytale Look With These Awesome Trends 

There’s a lot of different fun things we can do with our backyard space to make it more fun and enjoyable. You can decorate your backyard with more freedom than any other space in the house because it’s a recreational area that’s intended for relaxation and fun, you can make it fantastical if that’s what you’re into. And it likely is or else you wouldn’t be reading this article.

Of course, fairy tales and fantasy deal strongly with nature, so it’s easy to blend the aesthetics of the backyard and the fairy tale genre into a single cohesive concept. There are all kinds of different interesting things you can do to make your backyard feel like a storybook. If done correctly, going into your yard will be an immersive experience that brings you onto the pages of a great fairy tale classic.

Fire Lights The Imagination

Fire is an enchanting mistress. She has power over the human psyche. With her flashes and flickers, she can mesmerize the mind. Her illuminating radiance sharpens the senses and draws humanity out of the shroud of the abyss, like a moth to the flame.

Fire reminds us of magic. It is the first great form of human magic and technology. It can remind us of our roots and bring us back to a forgotten time.

There are many different forms of fire features that you can install in your backyard to provide a fantasy feel. Some of the simpler and more affordable options include tiki torches. But they are somewhat difficult to maintain and a fire hazard. They may not even be permissible in certain neighborhoods.

A much better option is to install a permanent fire feature. These can come in many different varieties and can be as basic as a circle of stones. However, if you want to have something nicer that fits the fairytale aesthetic then you should look into a designer choice. You can do your fire pits Australia style if that appeals to you as well. A permanent fire pit in the backyard is a feature that will draw you, your family, and your friends, maybe even strangers to your backyard for years to come.

Fairy Hangers Titillate The Senses

Fairy hangers are any of a variety of dangling ornaments that hang from the exterior of your home. Usually, fairy hangers are stimulated by the wind. These come in the form of pinwheels, hanging corkscrews, wind chimes, and many other complex outdoor decorations.

Pinwheels and corkscrews often come in several colors and are mesmerizing whenever they spin in the breeze. Children and adults alike can stare at them and be enchanted for hours.

There are a lot of different decorations designed for the exterior of your home. And many of them are scintillating to the senses. Anything that fascinates the eye or enchants the mind is suitable for your fairytale backyard motif.

Joy Springs Forth From Fountains

The fountain brings a smile to everybody’s face and always has. Something about the site of freshwater springing forth from the Earth appeals to our primal sense of life and survival.

And it’s the stuff of magic. Water has the power to clean, heal, and wash away the bad and old. We can capture a bit of that magic with modern technology.

The most fascinating fountains are the ones that can offer change and variety. Fountains that can change color, change water patterns, and react to music and sound are the ones that are the most charming.

You can even use it to make wishes or summon your frog prince.

Fantastical Drapes 

Drapes, and not the kind that you hang on your windows, can transport us to a royal castle. With the aesthetic of a princess’s bedroom, sheer and fine netted draping fabric gives us the feel of an ancient time. Such delicate finery in the cruel world of fairy tales contrasts to create a unique feeling.

Sheer white netting can be strong around the seating area of your backyard or the gazebo if you have one. This doubles not only as a design element but also to keep mosquitoes out. Who knew that this fantastical accessory could be so practical?

Intricately Designed Wicker

Wicker is already a frequently used outdoor material. It’s used for tables and chairs more frequently than anything else. And it can be woven and designed into intricate patterns. Not only that, wicker furniture is usually more affordable than the alternatives.

Because wicker sometimes already embraces the look and feel of fairy tales and fantasy imagery it’s the go-to choice for a budget-conscious designer. Have a look around online and you’ll see many different options of custom and intricately designed wicker available for purchase. This comes not only in the form of simple tables and chairs, but also teardrop hanging chairs and big back thrones with Celtic knot designs and visages of fountains.


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